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2d09 – Are Interviews a good way to hire the right people in an organization?

Practically all organizations hire their employees after an extensive interview and it is commonly assumed that this is a good method to identify the people that fit into a vacant position. But is that really the case? Dirk says "no, it isn't" while Sebastian makes a case for interviews.


 2017-03-02  17m

Special: After debate discussion “Are Interviews a good way to hire the right people in an organization?” (2d09)

Sometimes Sebastian and Dirk continue the debate. This time it was so interesting that we decided to create a special edition episode. Have fun!


 2017-03-01  16m

Inbetweenosode “Are interviews a good way to hire the right people for an organization?”

This time it is "just" Dirk. He announced as usual next week's motion to open the floor for your initial votes:"Interviews are a good way to hire the right people for an organization!" Let us know what you think!


 2017-02-24  3m

2d08 – Should Turkey be part of the EU?

In 1987 Turkey officially applied to become a member of the European Union and has been in the process to join the union ever since. Turkey is already closely affiliated in a number of related agreements and is an important economical partner. Yet, there is still a lot of work to do before Turkey is on the same level of regulation and standard as many European countries. In this debate Sebastian argues for Turkey joining the EU and Dirk takes a stand against that idea.


 2017-02-15  18m

Inbetweenosode “Should Turkey be part of EU?”

Dirk and Sebastian talk about a range of tools Sebastian used to analyze complexity and tone of our debates and we talk about online debating and some of the feedbacks we've seen. But as usual: the main purpose of our in-between-o-sodes is to open the floor for your initial votes on the motion “Turkey should be part of EU!”.


 2017-02-10  21m

2d07 – Should homeopathy be considered like any other medicine?

Homeopathy is a method of treatment that is part of the so-called alternative medicine. In this debate Sebastian and Dirk basically agree that homeopathy is not scientifically proven nor a method they personally trust. Yet, Dirk is defending strongly the position that homeopathy still deserves a place in the selection of tools used by medicine. Important: Neither Dirk nor Sebastian are trained medical professionals. Please do not take our debate as advice on the matter...


 2017-01-30  17m

Inbetweenosode “Homeopathy should be considered like any other medicine”

This time our in-between-o-sode is a bit longer as Dirk and Sebastian discuss about debating tactics and data. But the main purpose of our in-between-o-sodes remains: to open the floor for your initial votes on the motion “Homeopathy should be treated like any other medicine!”.


 2017-01-27  20m

2d06 – Let’s ban election polls!

BREXIT and the US election are only two examples of many where election polls published earlier seem to have gotten it wrong. Some even argue that election polls may even distort elections at large and deflect from real issues. Today Sebastian and Dirk debate whether we should therefore go ahead and ban election polls all together.


 2017-01-18  14m

Inbetweenosode “Ban election polls!”

Another 5 minute in-between-o-sode to open the floor for your initial votes on the motion "Election Polls should be banned!". Also Dirk talks about all the new resources and sites he created for you and why we still do not know who won our first rounds... To vote for the motion before publishing, click on the voting symbol on _this_ episode.


 2017-01-13  5m

2d05 – Quotas promote diversity

It is a much researched and widely accepted fact that diversity - whether it is gender, ethic or other forms of diversity - is good for business and society. But how do we achieve this in a world that clearly favors men over women or has a hard time balancing numerous conscious and unconscious biases? Sebastian and Dirk debate one of the common tools in that battle - quotas and Dirk argues against their use while Sebastian starts by advocating for it.


 2017-01-05  15m