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episode 74: 2d74 - Computer games are a waste of time!

Playing hours on end... is that really what we should do with out time?


 2019-03-27  28m

episode 73: 2d73 - Trade wars are more harmful than military wars!

Trade wars are deadly. But are they really deadlier than conventional wars and is that the only measurement to take?


 2019-03-22  21m

episode 72: 2d72 – The free internet is dead!

The internet may be still free of charge but freedom on the internet is severely under attack. How much is left? Is hope already lost?


 2019-03-16  22m

episode 71: 2d71 – Capitalism and solving global warming are incompatible!

We live in a capitalistic world based on growth and based on exploitation of resources. Is that mabe our greatest weakness when it comes to solve for problems like climate change?


 2019-03-09  29m

2d70 – Facebook is the news, YouTube is the new TV, Spotify the new radio – we keep reinventing the wheel!

2d70 - Facebook is the news, YouTube is the new TV, Spotify the new radio - we keep reinventing the wheel!


 2019-03-01  34m

episode 69: 2d69 – Trust and safety policies are fig leaves for censorship!

There is a lot of ugly content online and there is no doubt that illegal content needs to be removed. But what about all the other posts we keep moving out of the public discourse by enforcing community standards, safety policies and so on?


 2019-02-24  27m

episode 68: 2d68 – It is not acceptable that the US and Europe would legitimise a self-declared president in Venezuela!

While a power struggle unfolds in Venezuela it seem like the West is picking sides. Is that ok to do?


 2019-02-15  26m

episode 67: 2d67 – We should allow for smart speaker audio data to be used to solve criminal cases

Should Alexa or Google Home voice recordings be off limits for police and criminal investigations? Sebastian argues for just that while Dirk wonders why your recorded voice deserves more protection than your home...


 2019-01-10  25m

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Sebastian and Dirk

This is not your regular episode but a little extra. Enjoy!


 2018-12-24  9m

episode 66: 2d66 – Disappearing content is inevitable to ensure privacy!

It was a unique feature of snapchat that content disappeard after a while. Today this feature is copied by many other social media apps and with laws that demand a "right to be forgotten" one might think this is a critical element of modern day privacy. But is it really?


 2018-12-20  36m