Neuroscientists Talk Shop is the University of Texas at San Antonio's (UTSA) Neurobiology Podcast, showcasing the current research of internationally renowned guest Neuroscientists. Each episode features a moderated discussion with a cross section of UTSA Neurobiology faculty, highlighting the featured guest's research, and the state of the art in the field at hand.

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Stephen Maren PhD

Stephen Maren (Texas A&M) talks about the common neural circuitry mediating fear conditioning and drug relapse. Duration: 39 minutes Discussants:(in alphabetical order) Isabel Muzzio (Assoc Prof, UTSA) Todd Troyer (As


 2019-11-14  38m

Sophie Caron PhD

Sophie Caron (U of Utah) discusses how sensory representations shift from ordered to random in the sensory system of drosophila. Duration: 35minutes Discussants:(in alphabetical order) Salma Quraishi (Res Asst Prof, UTSA) Lindsey


 2019-10-31  37m

Michelle T. Diaz PhD

Michelle Diaz (Penn State) discusses how language features might be organized in the neural architecture and talks about her structural and behavioral studies of how language production changes over the lifespan. Duration: 35minutes Di


 2019-10-25  35m

Ottavio Arancio MD PhD

Ottavio Arancio discusses the problematic aspects of therapeutic strategies built upon the amyloid hypothesis of Parkinson’s disease, and his work defining the synaptic effects of soluble beta amyloid and tau oligomers in the etiopathogenesis of Al


 2019-10-17  41m

Michael Smotherman PhD II

Mike Smotherman joins us again to talk echolocation in bats, specifically how physiological studies in his lab investigate the circuitry that shapes sonar pulse acoustics. He discusses how bats in groups implement circuit plasticity to coordina


 2019-10-10  39m

Symposium 2019: Brain Oscillations in Parkinson’s Disease

Recorded as a panel discussion following the UTSA Neurosciences Institute’s 2019 research symposium on September 12, 2019. Hosted by Charles Wilson Duration: 44 minutes Discussants:(in alphabetical order) Mark Bevan, Profess


 2019-09-12  42m

Maya Henry PhD

Maya Henry (UT Austin) talks to us about her imaging studies of patients suffering from primary progressive aphasias, what they tell us about speech and language networks, and how her rehabilitation studies are demonstrating speech gains for patients with


 2019-04-18  39m

Brian Kaspar PhD

Brian Kaspar (AveXis Inc) talks about the realities and promise of building a single dose gene transfer therapy for treating the prime gene defect in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type I. He discusses his company’s modified adeno-associated virus


 2019-04-10  45m

Craig Blackstone MD PhD

Craig Blackstone (UT Health San Antonio) tells us about new vantage points on endoplasmic reticulum structure, dynamics and function through advanced imaging technologies in the context of his work on hereditary spastic paraplegias. Duration: 46


 2019-04-04  36m

Sarah Hopp PhD

Sarah Hopp (UT Health San Antonio) discusses tau seeding in the developing pathology of alzheimer’s disease, and the role that microglia may play in supporting it. Duration: 46 minutes Discussants:(in alphabetical order) Salma


 2019-03-26  36m