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Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 452 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

episode 444: Jaunting Car

Climb aboard a jaunting car with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Bonnie Rideout, ChildsPlay, Heather Dale, Syncopaths, Terry Griffith, Ballinloch, The Rogues, Ella Roberts, The Gatehouse Well, The Selkie Girls, Lothlorien, The Ennis Sisters, Syr, The C



episode 443: Celtic Tree of Life

Search inside yourself with the Celtic Tree of Life. Let's make the world a better place with Celtic culture and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Seldom Sober, We Banjo 3, Marc Gunn, The Gatehouse Well, McKasson & McDonald, Crepuscule, Alexander James A



episode 442: Irish Kisses in Twenty Twenty

Kiss me I'm Irish in 2020 with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Subscribe and listen! Warbelow Range, Serious Kitchen, Poitin, The Gleasons, The Here & Now, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Kyle Gryphon, Catherine Koehler, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Old Man Flanag



episode 441: Celtic Top 20 for 2019

It’s time for the Celtic Top 20, where I feature your votes for the 20 most-popular Irish & Celtic songs and tunes of 2019. Listen and subscribe today! Molly's Revenge, Moira Smiley, Flook, Colleen Raney, Andy Law & Friends, The John Byrne Band, We Ban


 2019-12-26  1h46m

episode 440: Celtic Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast lots of Celtic Christmas culture and cheer. Eira, Heather Dale, Peat in the Creel, Marc Gunn, Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy, Alexander James Adams, A Shamrock in Kudzu, The Wee Heavies, Jil Chamble


 2019-12-19  1h2m

episode 439: I Will Stand for Celtic Women

This was the Year of the Celtic Woman on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. But I’m proud to declare that the ladies deserve a little Fairple. Quarterly shows will continue to highlight the women of Celtic music on into the future. willos', Vicki Swan &


 2019-12-12  1h6m

episode 438: How to Vote in the Celtic Top 20

How to vote in the Celtic Top 20, plus lots of great Celtic culture through Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Mithril, Round the House, willos', Andy Law & Friends, Outbound Traveler, Jim Sharkey, We Banjo 3, Eamonn Flynn, The Prodigals, Kyn, Hard Green, The


 2019-12-05  1h7m

episode 437: Get Jiggy

A jiggy tribute to Deanna Smith Scotland on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Celtic Woman, Tartanic, Westwood Bluegrass Band, Lilt, Jim Sharkey, willos', Jigger, Poitin, Kilted Kings, Dustin Cooper, Eamonn Flynn, Jiggernaut, Callanach, The Wild Irish Ros


 2019-11-28  1h7m

episode 436: Rise Up

Rise up with the diversity of Celtic culture through music. Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, Poor Man's Gambit, Poor Man's Fortune, Syncopaths, Runa, The Jig Is Up!, Syren, The Gatehouse Well, Saby O', Sprag Session, Kyn, Brave the Sea, Hot Griselda


 2019-11-21  1h2m

Slea Head

Climb Slea Head cliffs with us as take in the majesty of Celtic music. Andy Law, The Tea Merchants, Westwood Bluegrass Band, Fir Arda, Ballinloch, Spoil the Dance, Dustin Cooper, Nicole White, Poor Man's Gambit, Catherine Koehler, Hard Green, Celtic Regg


 2019-11-14  1h7m