2Legit with Drew and Nick

Come join us! Drew and Nick take you for a romp down memory lane, talking all things 90's. The music. Trends. Major stories. Movies. Style. Actors."Get it?""Got it!""Good.""I don't get it."




      Ep91-Arizona Sports of the 90s

      Being Arizona natives, we had to show some love to our home state and talk about some of our favorite sports moments involving Arizona. Whether it be the inagural season for the Arizona Diamondbacks, or ASU’s legendary collapse in the Rose Bowl, or the Phoenix Suns playing in the 1993 NBA Finals, we tried to cover it all!

      Joined by our friend Stevie D, we talked about sports from the 90’s, the upcoming NFL draft, the current NBA Finals, and whatever else we felt like...



      Ep90-Being Old, Getting Older

      We’re much too young to feel this damn old. Right, Garth? Nick and Drew get together to talk about the aches of aging, and how it’s only going to get worse. They also talk about the Netflix Marvel series, the new Beauty and the Beast, and our pending invitation to Phoenix Comicon



      Ep89-“As Good As It Gets” Movie Date

      Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and fire up the projector! 2legit are sitting down for a movie date. We watched one of Nick’s favorites, “As Good As It Gets,” starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

      Listen to Drew’s first impressions of the movie, being that he’s never seen it. Besides talking over the movie, 2legit talked about future Movie Date plans, Shanna’s stalker situation, and stereotyped the...



      Ep88-Get Some Bruce Juice

      Today’s episode is dedicated to Bill Paxton.

      It was just the two of us today, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t any less destructive. In this episode we discussed our favorite characters from 90’s sitcoms. We’re talking Urkel and his Bruce Juice, Mr. Turner, Wilson, and even Bud Bundy. So pull up a chair and let us know who you’re favorite characters were.



      Ep87-2legit with Drew and Nick, empowering women.

      We asked Eve to join us on this episode as we talked about bad-ass, empowered women. We briefly touched on Trump, and his actions and the climate of the country, before moving to the topic at hand.

      We discussed the effects Daria, Madonna, Shania Twain, Courtney Love, and Gwen Stefani had in society
      How single mothers had to empower themselves to meet the challenges of work and home.
      The way empowered women make men feel and what that means for the future.
      Give a...




      This week, your 90s nostalgia heroes talk about what life was like before the internet. We managed to talk Ender Jon into taking a break from raising his newborn twins, and our old friend Cheyne, to swing by 2legit studios to talk about the old days. AOL dialup,  passing notes in class, encyclopedias, pagers. There was so much forgotten technology we brought up, and so much more!

      Get ready for a trip down memory lane in the dark ages and revisit life before the internet.



      Ep85-The Party Bus

      Joined by our buddy Justin, this episode was supposed to talk about the convenience differences between the 90’s and today. Remember how busy Blockbuster Video was on a Friday night, or life without cell phones? As per usual, we got sidetracked and dove down a path that led us to partying, then VS now.

      Join us as we talk about time traveling, showing off, and how the thought of doing that today makes us feel.



      Ep84-Hellooo 2017

      Out with the old, in with the new. This is the last episode you’ll hear your 90’s nostalgia heroes bitch about 2016. Drew and Nick talked about the celebrity death toll of 2016, the death toll from the 90’s, and who we think is up next to shake hands with Death.



      Ep83-2017 Movie Trailers

      We’re tired of 2016! This year has been the worst year since the onslaught of 2009! We’re beginning to look forward to 2017, and we start by watching movie trailers! We geeked out over the Spider-Man: Homecoming, Power Rangers, War for the Planet of the Apes, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2, Beauty and the Beast, The Mummy, Kong: Skull Island, Logan, Transformers: The Last Night, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Assassins Creed,...



      Ep82-Hello Again

      We were all over the place today! After taking a short hiatus (thanks, 2016), your nostalgia heroes are back in the studio bringing you a new episode.

      Drew and Nick were excited to be podcasting and it showed in this all-over-the-map episode. We covered President-elect Trump, DAPL, working in security/police, impulse buying, and so much more. Join us we get morning-drunk and say “hello again.”