ASA Biopharm's Podcast

In this podcast series sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section of American Statistical Association, key opinion leaders from pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies talk about upcoming statistical conferences and events, and discuss current issues in Biopharmaceutical statistics.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 42m. Bisher sind 73 Folge(n) erschienen.

Episode 72: Abie Ekangaki

Abie discusses opportunities for statisticians in the CRO industry, and we chat about the Scholarship and Leadership-in-Practice Committees of the Biopharmaceutical Section.



Episode 71: P-values in Medical Product Development

Lisa LaVange, J. Jack Lee, and Steve Ruberg about the ASA Statement on p-values, and their recent paper entitled “Inference and Decision Making for 21st-Century Drug Development and Approval” which was featured in the American Statistician in early ...


 2019-12-02  59m

Episode 70: 2020 International Conference on Health Policy Statistics

Kate Crespi and Ofer Harel discuss the 2020 International Conference on Health Policy Statistics, and describe current topics of interest in health policy including gun violence and opioids. 


 2019-10-31  45m

Episode 69: Non-proportional Hazards

Keaven Anderson, Pralay Mukhopadhyay, and Satrajit Roychoudhury discuss non-proportional hazards in a regulatory setting.


 2019-09-30  50m

Episode 68: 2019 Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop

Judy Li and Renee Rees discuss what's new and exciting at the 2019 Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop.


 2019-08-30  44m

Episode 67: Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Assault

Donna LaLonde, Kristian Lum, and Leslie McClure discuss the ASA Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Assault.


 2019-07-30  51m

Episode 66: Quality Tolerance Limits

Rakhi Kilaru and Olgica Klindworth discuss risk-based monitoring and quality tolerance limits. 


 2019-06-28  40m

Episode 65: Immuno-oncology

Inna Perevozskaya and Bo Huang discuss the changing landscape in oncology clinical development. 


 2019-05-31  46m

Episode 64: Biopharmaceutical Software Scientific Working Group

Alex Dmitrienko and Kyle Wathen talk about the development of software for biopharmaceutical applications, the new working group and


 2019-04-30  52m

Episode 63: Platform Trials

Zoran Antonijevic, Robert Beckman, Scott Berry & Richard Simon discuss the current application and future of platform trials.  


 2019-03-29  56m