ASA Biopharm's Podcast

In this podcast series sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section of American Statistical Association, key opinion leaders from pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies talk about upcoming statistical conferences and events, and discuss current issues in Biopharmaceutical statistics.

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 2014-06-26  23m

Episode 12: Interview with Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI)

The past, current and chair-elect of PSI (Katherine Hutchinson, Robert Cuffe and Mark Morris, respectively) describe the history of the organization and discuss differences in the regulatory experience between the U.S. and E.U.


 2014-05-20  23m

Episode 11: Interview with ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Chair Matilde Sanchez-Kam

Biopharmaceutical Section Chair Matilde Sanchez-Kam talks about the challenges of a small pharmaceutical company, volunteering with the section, and building collaborations with other statistics organizations.


 2014-04-18  12m

Episode 10: Bayesian Methods

Karen Price talks about all things Bayesian in the world of pharmaceutical development: methodology, the DIA Bayesian Scientific Working Group, and the special Bayesian issue of Pharmaceutical Statistics.


 2014-03-28  18m

Episode 9: Trends and Innovations in Clinical Trial Statistics Conference

Olga Marchenko from Quintiles gives a brief overview of the upcoming Trends and Innovations in Clinical Trial Statistics Conference to take place April 21-23 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.


 2014-02-25  10m

Episode 8: Interview with Nate Silver

Nate Silver talks prediction, Bayesian methods, communicating statistical ideas to the general public and how to better educate people in statistical thinking.


 2013-10-18  17m

Episode 7: An interview with Ben Locwin

Ben Locwin discusses data quality and why he thinks statistics is a requirement for good science.


 2013-10-01  11m

 2013-09-04  15m

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