Tom Slatter's Sunday Bootleg

Every Sunday for a year, starting arbitrarily in the middle of November 2015, Tom Slatter will be sharing a 'bootleg' recording and some of the entirely true stories about what has happened to him before and after gigs.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 16m. Bisher sind 49 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich


Spirit Box - A podcast about the new EP

Jordan, Gareth and I talk about my new EP Spirit Box


 2018-11-24  23m

Tom Slatter's Sunday Bootleg Ep47 'Finale'

In which our intrepid musical adventurer, left be…


 2017-12-17  14m

Tom Slatter's Sunday Bootleg EP 46 'Cliffhanging'

In this penultimate episode Tom plays a track fro…


 2017-12-09  12m

Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep45 Gandalf's Fist 'Semi on the Progoscope'

In which Tom has a chat with Dean and Stefan from…


 2017-10-22  45m

Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep44 'Chief Executive Bastard'

Episode 44 of the Sunday Bootleg includes: An in…


 2017-10-01  42m

The Sunday Bootleg Ep43 - Mothertongue 'Fodder for the slander cannon'

The Sunday Bootleg Ep43 - Mothertongue 'Fodder fo…


 2017-09-24  48m

Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep42 Simon Godfrey

The Sunday Bootleg Episode 42 - Simon Godfrey In …


 2017-09-16  43m

Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep41 'Abomnium'

Episode 41 of the Sunday Bootleg in which Tom Sla…


 2017-09-10  45m

Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep40 'Horns of the Beast'

In which Tom tells the entirely true story of wha…


 2017-09-02  18m

Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep39 Progzilla Invasion

In which Tom invades to coincide wi…


 2017-03-19  15m