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EcoRadio KC explores our interdependence with the rest of the world, showing the connections between the ways we choose to live and the health of the whole community of life. As a result, we plan to cover a wide range of topics, including local & regenerative agriculture, energy conservation & efficiency, justice, eco-villages, alternative medicine, indigenous peoples, clean energy, local food systems, biofuels, the need for multicultural participation in social change, global warming & climate disruption, extinction, green building and chemistry, and consumerism.

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How Gerrymandering Hurts the Environment in Missouri

John Hickey, Chapter Director of the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club will call our studio to discuss negative effects of gerrymandering with our live guest Kevin Grooms of the Thomas Hart Benton Kansas City Missouri Sierra Club group.



Composting and CAFOs

First, Coco Castle and Meredith McAllister join host Craig Lubow to discuss composting on behalf of Compost Collective KC. Second, Annie Speicher Joins Craig for a discussion of her film, “Right to Harm”. The discussion will include adverse impacts of ...


 2019-12-02  56m

Plastic Bag Bans – The Unintended Consequences & Environmental Justice

In the first half, John Kurman joins host Craig Lubow to talk about plastic bag bans. Do they work? What are the unintended consequences? What are the alternatives? John is a long time environmental activist.


 2019-11-19  1h0m

New Products Made From Recycled Plastics

On today’s show, Matt Riggs, Outreach Coordinator with Mid-America Regional Counsel (MARC) comes to the KKFI studio to discuss recycling plastics with our host, Teresa Wilke. MARC is a nonprofit association of city and county governments and the metrop...


 2019-11-04  58m

Energy Transition: What’s it going to take?

This week host Brent Ragsdale brings Frank Jakob into the studio to discuss all aspects of transitioning our energy sources off of hydrocarbon fuels. Frank E. Jakob, PMP, P.E. is a Technology Manager specializing in Energy Storage with Black & Veatch.


 2019-10-25  1h1m

Getting the Lead Out of Health Care & Education and More with Dr Huldah Blamoville

Richard’s guest this week is Huldah C Blamoville, M.D. Dr Blamoville is a pediatrician in St Louis and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital-St. Louis University and St.


 2019-10-18  1h0m

The Corporate Campaign Against U.S. Right To Know, featuring Carey Gillam

Please tune in this week when Host Teresa Wilke talks live to Carey Gillam, a journalist, author, and a public interest researcher for US Right to Know, a not-for-profit food industry research group. Hear more about her book,


 2019-10-06  1h0m

Light in Our Cells

This week, we speak to Garrett G. Sullivan MD, a physician practicing integrative, functional, and biophysical medicine about the impacts and implications of Sunlight on our health and ecological well-being.  In addition,


 2019-09-08  1h0m

Making Good Use of Our Waste – BackAtcha!

The owners of Champlin Tire Recyling, Inc. were well aware that mountains of plastic and rubber waste are brought to our landfills and they decided to turn that waste into usable product.  BackAtcha Outdoor Furniture was created.


 2019-09-01  59m

The Green New Deal in KC – Andres Bernal Speaks to Us

In the Summer of 2017 Andrés Bernal began supporting the Congressional campaign of former colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a policy advisor and organizer.  His work facilitated the incorporation of the Federal Jobs Guarantee policy onto the offici...


 2019-08-19  1h0m