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PRI's The World: 07/22/2016

A shooting attack in Munich has resulted in several deaths at a shopping mall. Also, "Americanism, not globalism" was how Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump described his party's credo Thursday night. But what exactly does "Americanism" mean? Plus, a couple of food stalls in Singapore earn the famed Michelin stars.


 2016-07-22  47m

PRI's The World: 07/21/2016

Donald Trump is getting ready to accept the Republican nomination for president of the United States. We'll take a close look at what a Trump presidency might mean for some major foreign policy issues, from NATO to Gitmo. There will also be conversations about his stances on climate change and global trade. Plus, we'll hear views on Trump and his proposed policies from Mexico, Nigeria and China.


 2016-07-21  47m

PRI's The World: 07/20/2016

Global perspectives for an american audience


 2016-07-20  47m

PRI's The World: 07/19/2016

Immigration, trade, and Black Lives Matter: three hot-button themes today in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. Meanwhile, The World's Jason Margolis has the story of how some Americans may soon be getting jobs in Springfield, MA — courtesy of a Chinese company that plans to make subway cars in the US. We also have the latest on Turkey's failed coup aftermath.


 2016-07-19  51m

PRI's The World: 07/18/2016

Yesterday's deadly attack on Baton Rouge police officers makes for a grim backdrop to the opening of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The World's Leo Hornak and Maria Murriel are both there. Leo takes the pulse of Trump supporters at a biker rally, and Maria speaks to Native Lives Matter protesters. Then we head to Turkey to hear about the aftermath of Friday night's attempted military coup...


 2016-07-18  46m

PRI's The World: 07/15/2016

Today we bring you late-breaking news of a military coup in Turkey, plus the latest on the attack in the French city of Nice, where more than 80 people were killed Thursday when a truck drove through crowds of Bastille Day revelers. We hear what it means for the French to be living in a seemingly never-ending state of emergency. Plus, a spike in anti-Muslim rhetoric here in the US. And a preview of our coverage of next week's Republican National Convention. (This episode was recorded at 6 p.m...


 2016-07-15  47m

PRI's The World: 07/14/2016

Global perspectives for an american audience


 2016-07-14  46m

PRI's The World: 07/13/2016

Wednesday on The World we hear from Dallas area Imam Omar Suleiman. He spoke at Tuesday's memorial service for the five police officers who were killed last week in an ambush. Plus, one of the few things Russians and Ukrainians can agree on these days — television. And, why Larry, the 10 Downing Street cat, seems to be a rock of stability amid big political changes in Britain.


 2016-07-14  47m

PRI's The World: 07/12/2016

President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush were in Dallas on Tuesday for a memorial service honoring the police officers killed in last week's ambush at a Black Lives Matter rally. Both speak to the racial divides plaguing the nation. Also, we'll have the story of a Liberian man who fled that country's civil war and came to America, but then decided to move back, in part because of the racism he faced in America...


 2016-07-13  48m

PRI's The World: 07/11/2016

Today we take a hard look at America's racial fault lines. Sometimes you have to look at a problem from the outside to better understand it. We'll give you a couple of international perspectives on the recent racially charged violence in the United States. A black British cop tells Marco Werman about how he's been stopped more than 30 times during "stop and frisk" encounters in Britain...


 2016-07-11  46m