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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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3BGPodcast- A Better Tomorrow

We take this thing over to Hong Kong in the 80s. Money is everywhere. The country is beautiful. Chow Yun-Fat is drppin'. It is a glorious time. In this review, we talk guns, overacting, over-powered goons, guns, unlimited ammo, betrayal, and guns! All...



BAMPodcast- Dee vs. Comic Book Movies

Dee gives his final opinion on all of the comic book movies. ALL OF DEM!!! DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, original, and small print. Sit back and hear all of the madness.  Songs played in the background are NOT OWNED BY ME Twitter- @DeetheBlackGeek



3BGPodcast- The Street Fighter

Sonny Chiba, Japan's answer to Bruce Lee has finally arrived on 3BG! We talk about this insane film and all of the facial expression. We also talk about Bruce Lee, samurai logic, missing teeth, women BEING ABSOLUTLY MURDERED! and katas, KATAS...



3BGPodcast- Lupin the 3rd- Castle of Caglistro

Our first Lupin movie and our first Miyazaki movie in one review. We finally talk about the wonderful series Lupin the 3rd and one of the greatest directors in all of film, Hiyao Miyazaki. We also talk about Monkey Punch and his legacy of Lupin and...



3BGPodcast- Gundam Thunderbolt

We stay in the UC Timeline of Gundam this time during 0079. It's Team Chop'em Up vs. Team F*** Dem Kidz. Bring Jazz into the mix with all the war crimes and pointless death, you got Gundam Thunderbolt! Oh yeah, lighting bolts saving you out of...



Pressing Buttons Ep. 12 - Evo/Sony Shenanigans

Its been awhile but we're back as CJ and DJ Tsu talk all things video games as we got recent news of Sony partnering with the Evolution Fighting Game tourney and what that means for the future of grass roots competitive gaming. Also Square Enix...



Morphin Metacast Ep. 54 - Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Beast Morphers is a season that quite possibly did THE most in terms of setting up the Power Rangers franchise especially in regards to history continuity. The season overall was good but it wasn't without its set of issues. CJ and Prime dive deep...



3BGPodcast- Dragonball Red Ribbon Arc

Did we tell you guys the time Goku fought a whole ass army armed with cannons and rifles, AND HE BEAT THEM BARE HANDED! They threw ninjas, robots, boxers, and even a bad-ass mercenary at Goku! We talk about it all, especially Mercernary Tao! ...


 2021-03-20  2h39m

Invincible Ep. 1-3 Non-Spoiler Review

INVINCIBLE is an adult animated superhero series that revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), who’s just like every other guy his age — except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). But as...


 2021-03-20  27m

3BGPodcast- Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll is a major piece in American Anime culture. While it wasn't popular in its home country, it was the American audience that made this movie iconic. Its animation is stunning, the voice acting is perfect, the story is memorable and the...


 2021-03-11  2h36m