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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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3BGPodcast- Iron Eagle

It's not everyday a POW is saved by his Army Brat son and his old Black sage, but damn it all it's happening here. In this crazy movie, we see war crimes and the glaring holes of security in the US Military complex. AND LOU GOSSETT JR! 



John Wick 4 Review

#JohnWick4 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #RIPLanceReddick It is very hard to have a movie franchise stay consistent while still delivering the goods. The John Wick franchise has managed to accomplish this and John Wick 4 encompasses everything that we've...



3BGPodcast- Commando

A staple in the podcast world is to review the movie Commando. The movie where Arnold is an unstoppable force, causing massive infrastructural damage to the city of Los Angeles. Bodies of unnamed goons and soldiers everywhere, bloody and full of...



Creed 3 Movie Review

#Creed3 #MichaelBJordan #JonathanMajors #Rocky  Simplicity is always good especially if its your first time directing a film. Creed 3 marks the directorial debut of Michael B. Jordan who also stars as main character Adonis Creed. What helps MBJ...



3BGPodcast- Rocky V

After Drago beat the CTE into Rocky, he decides to retire. But then Life metaphorically beat the CTE into Rocky's finances too. Rocky is rebuilding himself, teaching a new boxer and watching his son slowly becoming a Philly scumbag. This movie is...



3BGPodcast- Rush Hour 2

Chris and Jackie team up again to make a monster hit that was so good the next movie went into developmental hell! Meanwhile, Rush Hour 2 was a mega-hit. 


 2023-02-22  2h8m

Antman & the Wasp: Quantumania Review

I don't think anyone figured that Antman as a character would be able to ride out as a solid franchise and yet here we are on the third film. Kicking off Phase 5, Quantumania has alot going for it. Its bigger in scope than the previous two films, it...


 2023-02-18  30m

3BGPodcast- Vampire in Brooklyn

It's not everyday a movie that was made just to fulfill a contract and was mid at best turns into a beloved cult classic. No his best but one that gave us great moments. 


 2023-02-14  1h55m

A Knock At The Cabin Review

What happens when M. Night just does a straight up adaptation with a not so crazy twist? You get this film. This is probably one of M. Night's most straightforward film which will either make people like it or not like it depending on your expectations.


 2023-02-12  24m

Morphin Metacast - Kamen Rider Black Sun

Perhaps its fitting that on Black History Month we talk about Kamen Rider Black Sun, a show that tries to mix in the currect political climate of the BLM movement with a reimagining of the Kamen Rider Black show. Overall the show is a bit of a letdown...


 2023-02-11  1h49m