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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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3BGPodcast- Highlander 3- The Final Dimension

The 3rd installment of Highlander is here, complete with a black villain. Playing a Mongolian who is clearly a black man. It doesn't matter, if the Krugen was scary than Kane is fun. We talk about Mario Van Pebbles, the tv series, the movies getting...



3BGPodcast- Highlander 2- The Quickening!

Highlander 2 is legendary for being the worse sequel of all time. It's a rank that truly fits a movie where watching the Director's Cut actually might be worse. We did our best to review this but we had too much fun. We messed around and made another...



Working Title Sports Show Ep. 113 - Its Almost Over

Dee and CJ took a break but they're back talking about the NBA starting back up very soon, the trouble with the Cowboys, Week 7 & 8 of the NFL, and picks for Week 9. We're halfway through the season and its almost over. witter: @3blackgeeks...



3BGPodcast- Highlander

FRANCHISE MONTH IS HERE! Like every November we invite our good buddy Duke on our show to talk about a franchise. This year we're go into the 80's classic, Highlander! Odd how all great franchises start in the 80s and flame out spectacularly in the...



3BGPodcast- Scream

Scream changed the game of horror...for about 6 seconds but it was a different beast in the slasher genre. In this episode us boys of the 90s talk about one of the monster hits of the 90s. We talk horror, Matt Lillard, Lan lines, planning, several...



BAMPodcast- Full Eclipse

BAM Podcast always shows up for Halloween. It's like Dee just gets lazy and refuse to make his show better. Enough of that, D got his 2 best buddies on to talk about a movie so good, it premiered on HBO. Cuz no one was gonna pay money to see this....



3BGPodcast- JD's Revenge

Imagine, you're a good looking, hard working, innocent black man. You go to a hypnotism show with your lady. You get called on stage to be hypnotized. As your under the spell, the spirit of a 1940's hustler enters you and he's out for revenge! Brandon...



Morphin Metacast Ep. 52 - Ultraman 1966

Prime and CJ talking the latest in Hasbro Lightning Collection news, Beast Morphers, whats happening in Kamen Rider, and finally digging into the greatness and the beginnings of what Tokusatsu really is with Ultraman 1966. Twitter: @3blackgeeks...



Working Title Sports Show Ep. 112 - NFC Fraud East

The NFC East is in a special place this year where its up for grabs by any of the 4 teams lol. That is how bizarre this NFL season has been so far as Dee and CJ talk about the Week 6 games, some college football, new NBA coach hirings, and do NFL Week...



The War With Grandpa Movie Review

The War With Grandpa is a throwback to the slapstick family films from the early 2000's and given that this is a movie directed by Tim Hill, it makes perfect sense why the film flows the way it does. Despite a cast of some top veteran talent, the...


 2020-10-21  9m