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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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Comic Book Corner - Kang is Coming!!!

CJ and Prime are back talking actual comic books we've been reading from the Green Arrow Anniversary book that recently dropped to the recent Hickman X-Men saga. Also talking random on recent comic book movie and tv news.



3BGPodcast- Airborne

By popular demand(for some reason) we give you Airborne. The rollerblading movie that screams 90s! That's about it. Lucky for us 3BG have more to talk about than this movie was offering.  All songs on episodes aren't own by 3BlackGeeks. Vivaldi...



Working Title Sports Show Ep. 124 (ESPN gonna ESPN)

Even if its not racist you sound racist...not really...Rachel Nichols learned this lesson! We talk NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup neither of us watched, Drake, some more track and field; and we also talk about some NWO.



Black Widow Movie Review

So after a close to 2 year delay, the Black Widow solo film is finally here and what we have is a solid film thats gonna bring about questions of whether it was worth the wait. On one hand you have a film that fills in the gaps of what Widow was doing...



Morphin Metacast Ep. 55 - Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Just in time for the 10 years later movie and also the appearance of a Twokaizer in Zenkaiger, CJ and Prime tackle Gokaiger. An anniversary Sentai season that is a love letter to the Super Sentai franchise through and through. They also go over the...



The Forever Purge Movie Review

The finale to the Purge film series is here and boy does it go out with a bang. The Forever Purge manages to stick the landing to where the series ends on a solid note with the social commentary the film series went all in with Purge: Anarchy. Solid...



3BGPodcast- The Delta Force

The Cannon Group gave us the action thriller The Delta Force. Chuck Norris fans say this movie is awesome. Is it? Nah, but it's still pretty damn good. It takes its time but there's a payoff. Happy 4th!!!



3BGPodcast- Stay Tuned

The '90s and dark humor made for some interesting movies. Stay Tuned highlights a marriage dead in the water only to be saved by the thing ripping them apart, television! Also, this is a John Ritter movie and 3BG are marks for this guy!  All...



BAMPodcast- XXL Freshmen Classes

The XXL Freshman list is where young up-and-coming hip-hop talent is showcased as the best of their class. Sure some said no to the list but that doesn't matter. Dee and DK sit and talk about all of the rookies and judge them. It's a fun little convo...



Working Title Sports Show Ep. 123- The Ben Simmons Conundrum

We talk women's sports, the Olympics, NBA playoffs, f1, and WWE Hell In a Cell