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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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3BGPodcast- WMAC Masters

Teased since we became a group we finally talk about this niche martial arts mixed with sports entertainment wet dream. The boys talk about Olympus being a herb, Tsunami having no friends, The Machine being a beast, Red Dragon flexing that time he was...



Working Title Sports Show Ep. 103 - Blue Chips

Dee and CJ talk about the Washington Football team with no name, NBA bubble leauge starting up, some soccer and then talk about an underrated basketball movie in Blue Chips. Site: Facebook: Join our Facebook Group:...



Pressing Buttons Ep. 9 - G4...Back????

The guys talk about the X-Box Series X Games Showcase, waxing nostalgia on G4 with news of it coming back, and remember fond memories of the Dreamcast. Fun times as usual. Twitter: @3blackgeeks @cjwizgeek @Deetheblackgeek @blknerdjapan   



3BGPodcast- Liar, Liar

HEY CHAMP!? READY FOR 3BG TO DO LIAR LIAR? What?! We said it would drop in May? What? Ohhhh! That's right, 3BG's great grandmom died. We had a lot to do and we forgot. What!? Dee lied to you? That can't be. Dee never promised the fans anything ever in...



3BGPodcast- Bebe's Kids

We recorded this in September of 2019. Those were the days. Anyway we talked about this negro classic that's not considered a classic but is. We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly animation. We also talk about Robin Harris, Reggie Hudlin and...



3BGPodcast- Major Payne

LISTEN LADIES!!! As of 08-HUNDRED! Major Payne is now on the 3BGPodcast. You listen. You will laugh! You will be informed of details of the movie! And at the end you will all question...Why was Pop Dat Coochi on the soundtrack? Just know that...



Working Title Sports Show Ep. 102 - HBCU Ghost

Dee and CJ go over the shakeup in the MEAC conference, top players going to HBCU's, Cam to the Patriots, Redskins name change, and remembering college basketball moments. Site: Facebook: Join our Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/813597965405307/



Pressing Buttons Ep. 8 - The Last of Us Part 2 Review

CJ is joined by Tyrell from the Around the Geek podcast as they talk about all things The Last of Us Part 2...the good, the bad, and what they could've done differently. Its a fun little discussion thats worth the listen. Video version of this episode...


 2020-07-06  1h32m

3BGPodcast- Invasion U.S.A

Invasion USA is a movie that ends up being a better version of what Red Dawn was trying to do. Its a simple action movie wherein Chuck Norris is doing Impossible White Man stuff that while ridiculous, its also entertaining as hell. This is the type of...


 2020-07-04  1h18m

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 101 - D2: The Mighty Ducks

D2 The Mighty Ducks is the most wackiest sports film ever and the wildest of the franchise. And despite all this, the movie is still enjoyable top to bottom. Site: Facebook: Join our Facebook Group:


 2020-07-01  2h28m