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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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Wrestlecorner- Elimination Chamber

In this episode I talk about WWE Elimination Chamber and AEW Revolution. I also.talk about lip service, spoiled fans and shit that works.



The Way Back Movie Review

The trailers for this film came off like the typical sports movie we've seen before. While The Way Back has parts of things we've seen in sports movies before, much like in Warrior, director Gavin O'Connor keeps the emphasis on the emotional journey...



Onward Movie Review

Pixar has been in coasting mode for quite awhile and thats not necessarily a bad thing. Onward is the typical type of road trip film featuring two main characters. What makes this movie different is the world that the film inhabits. Its a world that...


 2020-03-05  21m

The Invisible Man Movie Review

After Universal had to shelve this film after the failed attempt at doing a Dark Universe, Blumhouse came in and decided to revamp the idea and what we get ends up being a very damn good psychological thriller film. Elizabeth Moss does a phenomenal...


 2020-02-27  23m

3BGPodcast- Trespass

The 3rd episode ever of 3blackgeeks was on the movie Trespass. A fun little gem that we absolutely loved. 9 years later and no one listens to our old stuff. I don't blame anyone for that. So I felt it was time for 3BG to revisit this movie along with...


 2020-02-21  1h38m

Morphin Metacast Ep. 45 - Ultraman Powered

The guys are joined by comic book writer, Shawn Pryor as he talks about his unofficial Power Rangers comic, Total Eclipse and the work involved in getting it put together. Then they get into Ultraman Powered aka Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero...An...


 2020-02-20  1h32m

3BGPodcast- Dead Presidents

Vietnam was a bitch! The 60's and 70's was a bitch! Bank Heist are a bitch! Everything is a bitch! We choose a very depressing but very well acted and directed movie. It's iconic but it is also not as loved as many think it is. So we decided to talk...


 2020-02-18  1h24m

BAMPodcast- Acrimony

Happy Valentine's Day good black people. The BAM Podcast is a lone wolf project now. It's just Dee now and no one else. However Cj is joining me on this movie. We have a deeper conversation about Tyler Perry and we have fun with the movie. 


 2020-02-14  1h21m

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review | Shockingly Good

You could say it was low expectations given the initial rollout of the first trailer but the Sonic the Hedgehog movie ends up being really good. The film has a very straightforward plot. Nothing convoluted and its simplicity is why everything in this...


 2020-02-14  14m

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 95 - Above The Rim/NBA All-Star 2020

NBA All-Star weekend is upon us and the guys go over the lineup of activities and then get into a 90's black classic, Above The Rim. Enjoy! Twitter: @DeeTheBlackGeek @cjwizgeek @Blknerdjapan @3BlackGeeks Site: Facebook: Join our Facebook Group:


 2020-02-12  1h34m