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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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Morphin Metacast - Kamen Rider Amazons

Coming into 2019 hard in the paint with Kamen Rider and this time we talk about the Amazon Prime series, Kamen Rider Amazons and the movie. We also end the episode talking about the upcoming Power Rangers Battle for the Grid game. Be sure to check out...


 2019-01-26  2h22m

3BGPodcast- Under Siege 2

Now it's time for some more Action Trump! Or as you normal people call him Steven Seagal. This time we go back to him as Casey Ryback, this time he's on a train with his niece and a black guy. How Casey win? By barely being in the movie and hardly...


 2019-01-22  1h28m

Wrestlecorner100 2018

Another year in the books for Pro-Wrestling and that means another Top 100 list to provide. This year was tougher than usual but it was only to make it the best. Dee is joined by Cj, DK and from the Big Gold Belt podcast Nagier to help breakdown the list.


 2019-01-20  2h33m

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 66: Couch Time!!!!

Its a sad but fun episode as the guys lament on what went wrong for the Eagles, Colts, Cowboys, and Chargers in the NFL divisional round. Also we go over some odds and ends with the NBA, NHL, and some soccer.


 2019-01-19  1h4m

Dragonball Super Broly Review w/ Bonus Cast Interview

The Dragonball Super Broly movie is finally here and boy does it deliver. The guys talk about this film at length without giving away spoilers but before that we also got a chance to interview the cast of this film in a roundtable interview where we...


 2019-01-19  1h34m

Glass Movie Review

M. Night has been on a bit of a resurgence since The Visit and its mainly due to him focusing more on the film than the spectre of the twist that he puts in the films itself. Glass is the 3rd movie in the trilogy of Unbreakable and Split that...


 2019-01-16  25m

3BGPodcast- Hurricane Heist

Dee called it the worst movie of 2018. Well it's time to talk about it. Hurricane Heist found an uncanny way of messing up Hard Rain and Twister. It's wacky, it's stupid, a couple of moments of action is legit good, it's Hurricane Heist!   Like...


 2019-01-15  1h8m

Punisher Season 2 Review

With the Marvel Netflix shows drawing to a close on the platform, the Punisher Season 2 aims to go out on a high note and boy does it do that. Season 1 caught folks off guard with how great it was especially when it came to giving Frank lots of...


 2019-01-12  23m

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 65

Wild Card weekend in the NFL was wild and full of awesome games and the guys dive deep into it as shockingly all their teams have moved on to the divisional round. We touch on the NBA and the college football championship for a bit and make our picks...


 2019-01-12  1h20m

3BGPodcast- Waiting To Exhale

It’s a new year, a new us, and it’s time to finally Exhale. We finally talk about this Negro classic. And who else is more qualified to talk about this movie made women than 3 black men? We talk about the 90’s, the great acting, coke, black men...


 2019-01-09  2h33m