Still Got It

Remember those movies you loved as a kid/tween/teen? Us too! And now we watch them as the jaded adults we've become to see if they "still got it." Find Archived episodes at

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Episode 147: The Perfect Storm

A little slow, a little schmaltzy, but ultimately? Pretty dang exciting and fun and tragic and damn we're not paying enough for swordfish.


 2019-08-08  n/a

Episode 146: George of the Jungle

Truly shocking how charming this movie is. Of course, it's also occasionally very stupid. But we genuinely laughed multiple times. And y'know what, we're ALL here for Brendan Fraser and his vine-swinging physique.


 2019-08-01  n/a

Episode 145: Pearl Harbor

This movie is garbage. But the episode is a delight. Celey's brother guest hosts along with Nora, and the family dynamic is dynamite! But the moldy love triangle of Pearl Harbor...why oh why?


 2019-07-25  n/a

Episode 144: Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

We're back baby, yeah! After our short hiatus, we're back with an absolute middle-school quote fest. Bob Nasr & Becca Gordon join the pod to unfreeze this questionable classic that lived in our hearts. Oh, behave.  Follow Ice Cream Reviews Podcast on Insta


 2019-07-18  n/a

Episode 143: Independence Day

July 4th? On a Thursday?! We had to, y'all. The absolute blast of a disaster flick that put disaster flicks back on the map and cemented Will Smith as a bonafide movie stah? Yes please. Podcast fave Claire burns is back and Actor/Comedian Langston Belton makes his first appearance with a bang!  Follow Langston Follow Claire https://www.instagram...


 2019-07-04  n/a

Episode 142: Coyote Ugly

Does this movie have some plot-holes? Sure. Does it *totally* hold up in 2019? Not perfectly. But you know what? YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT BECAUSE BABY, YOU'RE THE RIGHT KINDA WRONG. Actress Amy Lynne Berger and podcast regular Alex Elise Rose join the pod for a goddamn good time! Follow Amy Follow Alex


 2019-06-27  n/a

Episode 141: The Neverending Story

So many other movies do parts of this movie WAY better. It was SO big in so many childhoods, and for the love of all that is fanciful, please, please leave it in the past. Nora and actress Alexis DiGregorio join in got this very fraught journey down memory lane. Follow Alexis


 2019-06-20  n/a

Episode 140: Passport to Paris

Say whatever you will about the Olsen twins, but they. were. ICONS. This movie meant weirdly a lot to so many of us and we are SHOCKED at how truly absurd it actually is. Actor/writer/director (real life MK & Ash STAN) Lani Harms and writer Steph Leschek join this week for a passport down memory lane. Follow Lani Follow Steph 


 2019-06-13  n/a

Episode 139: Troop Beverly Hills

Does the whole thing totally work as a Film from a 2019 perspective? Maybe not all the time? Did it crawl so Legally Blonde could dance? Certainly. Grab your backpacks and your Manolos and join Celey, Nora, & producer/actor Desiree Abeyta for this campy romp. Follow Desiree


 2019-06-06  n/a

Episode 138: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This week's episode gets Very. Heady. We're dealing with memories, time travel, and the idea if it's better to've loved & lost, or to totally forget the person you just loved!! Follow Jeremiah twitter: @Jerrt Follow Kendra twitter: @Quietgirlriot


 2019-05-30  n/a