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Episode 89: Pure Poetry

This week, William talks (again) about Xenoblade as a series in a (vain) attempt to wrap the whole thing up. Kyle manages to 100% Super Lucky's Tale and grinds out some Heroes of the Storm matches...


 2018-02-25  1h9m

Episode 88: Finishing Touch!

This week, all three of us have finished some games! Kyle finishes up Monster Hunter and tries out a cutesy platformer, William finally finishes up with Xenoblade 2 (for now), and dives right back into the anime with Steins;Gate, and Kaz completes Shadow of Mordor and closes in on the end of Persona 4. In our news section, we talk about Spyro remasters, Metroid Prime 4, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and a bit about Nintendo's plans moving forward...


 2018-02-25  1h15m

Episode 87: Who's Dooty is it anyways?

Both Kaz and Kyle are hopelessly caught up with Shadow of War and Monster Hunter World respectively. William get ever closer to the end of Gacha-blade chronicles 2 (when do we start believing him?) In the News we talk about the rumors of Black ops 4 and a New Crash Bandicoot game, the cheaters of PUBG and the slow crack job on Assasin's Creed Origins. We finish up with a game coming up with ideas for new Call of Duty games, whos idea will win? Come pause with us!


 2018-02-11  1h5m

Episode 86: A Little Bit of SaaS

Kaz finally gets to play the Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3, and has some fun with Monster Hunter World, though not as much fun as Kyle, who struggles to hold himself back from gushing too much, while William makes excuses for why he still hasn't finished Xenoblade 2...


 2018-02-04  1h36m

Episode 85: For Dragon HonorZ World

William yet again get distracted by the side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kaz get her murder on and has it backfired in Shadows of Mordor and Kyle gives his lackluster review of For Honor. In the news we build the hype for Monster Hunter World, learn the true pronunciation for Dragon Ball FighterZ, discuss Nintendo's mobile strategy (Kaz finally has a breakthrough about mobile games) and mourn for Brazilian Gamers...


 2018-01-28  1h22m

Episode 84: Full Motion Video

We're back, and for the first time, in video! Kaz plays a bit of Shadow of Mordor and revels in her newly found fame, Kyle finishes up the Crash Trilogy, gets sick, and finally gets around to Resident Evil VII, and William moves forward in Xenoblade 2. We also discuss Nintendo's newest crazy idea, Nintendo Labo, Dark Souls Remastered, and talk about our favorite runs of AGDQ 2018...


 2018-01-21  1h17m

Episode 82: Life and Death by Loot Boxes

Kaz doesn't know what to do with so much so much spare time on her hands, Kyle has a soft spot for odd little Gamecube-esque 3d platformers, and William gets lost in a book and isn't excited for Xenoblade chronicles 2. In the new we discuss the disaster that is Star Wars Battlefront 2-are loot boxes even fun anymore?- Gamestop's rental system, Skyrim on the Switch and Dota 2...


 2017-11-22  1h22m

Episode 81: Digital Orphans

Kaz is back! She brings stories of her Blizzcon adventures (and huge win in the costume contest), Kyle can't shut up about Odyssey, and William continues to be disappointed by Fire Emblem Fates. In news, we talk all the Blizzcon announcements, Telltale's realignment, and Gamestop's attempt to stay relevant with a hot new rental service. Come pause with us!


 2017-11-15  1h27m

Episode 80: The Hype is Real

With Kaz out at Cosplay America, Kyle makes his triumphant return to gush about Cuphead, and William gives his early impressions of Fire Emblem Warriors. In news, one of us gets very excited about Super Mario Odyssey (three guesses who!), we both get excited for Dragonball FighterZ, everyone is hyped abuot Gamecube controller support on the Switch, and no one gets excited about the Kinect. Come pause with us!


 2017-11-01  1h10m

Episode 79: Here to Stay

With Kyle otherwise occupied, Kaz and William talk about the games we played, or didn't, over the last few weeks. We talk some more about microtransactions and loot crates, as well as implementing difficulty options in video games. To finish up, we talk about some of the games about to come out that we're looking forward to, and run through a list of Game Informer's top 10 SNES games. Come pause with us!


 2017-10-18  1h16m