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An informal, weekly chat about all things coding and software development. I'll be bringing in community developers from the Seattle area, folks from the Microsoft product groups, and anyone else with something interesting to discuss.

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Codechat 071 - Fusion 360 Tip: Designing on a Face

Fusion 360 by Autodesk is my application of choice for making things - real things - plastic and metal and wood things. I've often found myself wanting to select a face in my design and do some fancy 2D graphics on that face, but the sketch environment in Fusion 360 is pretty basic. I finally figured out a good workflow for exporting a face from my 3D design, drawing in 2D on a replica of that face in my vector editor of choice, and then easily bringing my new drawing back in to Fusion 350.....


 2017-07-31  17m

CodeChat 070 - Meet the Interns

The energy and enthusiasm level of a single intern is inspiring to me, so I was glad to get three recent Microsoft interns into Studio C at Channel 9 for a little code chat about their experience coming onboard at Microsoft as intern evangelists. It's really fun to hear what technology-related university degree programs are like these days and what your options are as a new university student...


 2017-07-27  25m

CodeChat 069 - Blockchain All the Things!

As you may know, I'm pretty excited about blockchain technology. It's a super creative algorithm. It's interesting how a system that distributes data (or in many cases logic too) actually gives all of the participants more ownership and authenticity in their own data. My guest on the show today is Cale Teeter (@windozer) who knows a lot about blockchain and is happy to answer my questions to help us all come to a good understanding. Enjoy.


 2017-07-17  35m

CodeChat 068 - A Broad View of Machine Learning

Rick Barraza (@rickbarraza) works in the AI space at Microsoft, and is particularly good at communicating the concepts of the seemingly (and actually) complex world of machine learning. In this interview, Rick clarifies the terms machine learning (ML), deep neural networks (DNN), and artificial intelligence (AI), and attempts to cast a vision for this technology in the near and distant future. And an exciting future it is!


 2017-07-10  33m

CodeChat 067 - The Latest, Greatest Features of C# 7.0

Mark Michaelis - Microsoft RD from Spokane - is back on the show to talk about the latest version of C#. C# version 7.0 is totally a thing and with it come a number of cool features like tuples and deconstruction. According to Mark, none of the enhancements are earth shattering or code breaking, but they will eventually change the way you author your project. Mark has a great way of relaying what's important to developers today. I hope you enjoy this episode. Happy coding.


 2017-06-19  28m

CodeChat 066 - Welcome Back to CodeChat!

Well, it's been a while :) After a significant hiatus, CodeChat is back in force. I'm going to be bringing new interviews every week about what's happening in the world of technology. You'll hear from Microsoft product teams, tech startups, indie developers, and anyone else I find fascinating and want to talk to on camera! Thanks for tuning in.


 2017-06-12  13m

CodeChat 065 - The Amazing JS Data

This week on CodeChat I had the honor of talking with Jason Dobry - the creator of JS Data. JS Data is an open source ORM for JavaScript that I call amazing because frankly it is. Being JavaScript, it's as happy in the client (as in browsers, for example) as it is on the server, and if you're a data hound then you know what the implications there are - that's right, the same models across your entire stack! It's been decades in the coming...


 2016-08-16  40m

CodeChat 064 - What the Heck is Inclusive Design?

Bryce works at Microsoft in the Xbox division as a designer. He specializes in inclusive design in the world of gaming. You'll learn a lot about the general definition of disability and the options that game developers have for facilitating software use for everyone. One of the interesting things that I learned from Bryce during this chat is that in the gaming work, we purposely build barriers (enemies, challenges, etc.), while simultaneously we're trying to remove accessibility barriers...


 2016-07-19  14m

CodeChat 063 - Eric Ang from Dolby

I recorded a lot of CodeChat episodes from Build 2016, and this is the last. This means the last time you have to look at the same screaming plaid shirt. This is a fun one though, because this time I (and my shirt) are talking to Jason Fox of Microsoft and Eric Ang of Dolby about what Dolby is doing for developers - primarily around their Dolby Digital Plus platform for amazing audio...


 2016-07-12  6m

CodeChat 062 - Paul from Octopus Deploy

Paul lives in Australia and works for Octopus Deploy - a software tool for pushing your code out to all of your servers. You can use Octopus Deploy for free for small teams, so it's really easy to try it, realize the benefit, and then move into a higher scale production scenario. Octopus is works for pushing code to both Windows and Linux. Go to to check it out. Watch the video and see what it looks like to get started and what the benefits will be...


 2016-06-07  6m