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Welcome to the #1 men’s podcast in the world – the Elite Man Podcast – where we interview and chat with some of the best minds on the planet. From bestselling authors, to world-renowned doctors, world-class athletes, celebrities, life coaches, and supremely talented individuals from various walks of life, we interview them all and inherit their wisdom. If you’re looking to overcome and conquer life’s greatest challenges and become the best man you can be, the Elite Man Podcast will guide the way. Tune in every week for a new and exciting episode with more of these captivating stars. And make sure you subscribe right now to our iTunes channel. Check out our website: EliteManMagazine.com or email justin@elitemanmagazine.com for more info.


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Training A UFC Champ – With John Hackleman (Episode 19)

John Hackleman, the legendary trainer of UFC Megastars like Chuck Liddell and Glover Teixeira stops by our show today! John has been training Mixed Martial Arts Fighters for decades, even before it was officially called MMA,


 2015-05-28  29m

From Law Enforcement To Fiction Writing – With Tim Sousa (Episode 18)

Tim Sousa is an acclaimed author and speaker who specializes in writing Horror/Fiction. He has a law enforcement background which he’s used as inspiration for some of his current and former writings in poetry and short stories.


 2015-05-28  55m

Life As A Manwhore – With Manwhore (Episode 17)

Manwhore, one of the world’s best dating coaches, joins our show today! Manwhore is probably my number one personal favorite dating coach out there and the guy I honestly learned the most from of all other coaches way back when I found the Dating Commu.


 2015-05-28  1h5m

Approaching Women During The Day – With Dave Vox (Episode 16)

Dave Vox, one of Love Systems’ top dating coaches joins our show today! Dave is one of the world’s best daygame coaches and teaches thousands of men each year the art of meeting and attracting women during the day.


 2015-05-28  53m

Winning The World World’s Toughest Mudder – With Junyong Pak (Episode 15)

Junyong Pak, the 2-time World’s Toughest Mudder Champion joins our show today! He shares with us his secrets for success in racing and in life. Junyong shares his training methods, his nutritional habits, his mindset,


 2015-05-28  56m

Hootie’s Love Approach – With Hootie (Ep. 14)

Hootie, the Love System’s dating coach, joins our show today! Hootie not only has a great nickname and alias, but he also has an unbelievable knack for game. He teaches thousands of men each year how to meet and attract women through his bootcamps and .


 2015-05-28  48m

The Love System – With Nick Savoy (Episode 13)

Nick Savoy, Love Systems founder and CEO, joins our show today! Nick is one of the true pioneers in the dating and pick-up artist community and a master of game! He gives us his absolute best dating advice in this episode. You have to hear this one!


 2015-05-28  1h10m

Hypnotizing Your Life – With Dr. Andrew Dobson (Episode 12)

Dr. Andrew Dobson, world-renowned psychologist and hypnotherapist, joins our show today! Andrew specializes in subconscious belief, behavior, and attitude modification! Dr. Dobson shares his incredible insights into the mind and the power it has in our...


 2015-05-28  58m

Mastering Tinder – With Chris Harders (Episode 11)

Chris Harders, dating coach, author, and Tinder Master, joins our show today ! Chris literally wrote the book on how to pick-up women through Tinder and shares with us his fool-proof system for mastering this dating app.


 2015-05-28  1h19m

Alpha Shark – With Aaron Marino (Episode 10)

Aaron Marino, life coach, fashion expert, and world-famous YouTube personality, joins our show today! If there is one word to describe Aaron it’s charismatic. This guy is not only entertaining and fun to listen to but he has unbelievable advice on how .


 2015-05-28  40m