Never Was Podcast

What happened to me and how in the world did I end up here? This is... Never Was. Hosted by Mark Salomon.

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episode 41: #41 - ... a frequent Podcaster

Greetings! Wait, whaaaaa? Just in time for the much-celebrated Twenty SIX year anniversary of MxPX! Okay, so... obviously this is actually part deux of an episode we started last year, acknowledging 25 years of Left Coast Punk Rawk which, by a very circu


 2018-03-27  1h8m

episode 40: 40 - ... from Bremerton

Part One of Mark's chats with all three members of MxPx!


 2017-11-07  1h12m

episode 39: #39 - ... a Nurse

Greetings! We're back again and we brought a friend! Five Iron Frenzy's very own Reese Roper is here y'all. We talk about the beginning, the end, the afterlife and... poop. Oh and, dearest Never Wases: Basic tracks for Stavesacre's upcoming album - made p


 2017-03-08  1h34m

episode 38: #38 - ... One of Them

Greetings! After a long break it's great to be back... and we hope you feel the same! This week we're gonna talk about Us. Us and Them. And some other stuff. Rhymes with Small o'Ticks. Ultimately, we're gonna talk about what is real - and we'll even provi


 2016-12-20  1h12m

episode 37: #37 - ... a Prodigy

Greetings! Best remedy for a long overdue show? How about a long show?! That's right, Never Wases... got an hour and a half of pure aural bliss: Tonight we go back... WAY back. Like decades back. We are going to talk with a bonafide prodigy, the one and o


 2016-10-11  1h32m

episode 36: #36 - ... a Shepherd

Greetings! We return to our (somewhat) regularly scheduled programming with a very, very special guest! Once Upon a Time, there was a Girl Named... Leanor Inez Ortega Till! Nobody here named Jeff. Nope. That's right, Leanor of Five Iron Frenzy and The Fas


 2016-08-23  1h4m

episode 35: #35 - ... a Debate Master!

Greetings! Ever found yourself in a debate with an intelligent atheist that left you walking with a slight limp? Any chance said debate was recorded for posterity, so that future generations may witness your demise for time immemorial? Well... you are not


 2016-05-10  1h21m

episode 34: #34 - ... a Graphic Novelist

Greetings! This week: as true a tale of Never Was as there Ever Was! Graphic Novelist and at least occasional Stavesacre artist (See both future and past versions of How to Live with a Curse!) Joshua Howard discusses the long and winding road to realizing


 2016-04-21  1h22m

episode 33: #33 - ... a Solo Artist

Greetings! Welcome back Never Wases!! "Man makes the plans - and God laughs," right? Now where have we heard that before? Alas, through many a twist and turn, Never Was Podcast returns (for real... probably) and the legendary Riki Michele joins us. The fo


 2016-04-12  1h22m

episode 32: #32 - ... a Musician

Greetings! We are back with part 2 of my conversation with Randy Torres of NYVES and (formerly) Project 86 - and it's gonna get a little awkward. But don't worry Never Wases, we'll avoid the low hangin fruit. Mostly. Randy talks about the end of P86, the


 2016-02-23  1h0m