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      Thursday 27th July 2017

      Thursday 27th July 2017



      Wednesday 26th July 2017

      Shane and Ella star on Terrier Temptation.

      What piece of junk have you managed to sell to someone.

      Angus breaks up with a girl that he hasn’t spoken to in years.

      Introducing our Week Two Billboard Singles Chantel, Tina & Rhys

      Did you hook up with the help?

      Cat’s not comfortable with bodily fluids over Facetime

      Do You Mind If I Ask: A blind person



      Tuesday 25th July 2017

      Cat told the guys she was an A-Grade drummer, so we arranged a drum kit to test her out!
      Which technology are you using that  makes you behind the times?
      Hilary Duff was robbed after announcing her holiday on social media

      Jess Mauboy teaches us her favourite slang

      We get the low-down on Billboard Singles James and Bianca’s date over the weekend
      Neighbourood arguments.
      Do You Mind If I Ask? – we ask Vonni, a transgender lady all your...



      Monday 24th July 2017

      Bernard Tomic admits he's only playing tennis for the money

      Should your parents hold onto your childhood memorabilia?

      'Do You Mind If I Ask?' Richard, a paraplegic answers all your questions 

      Matt Preston gives his tips on the Masterchef grand final and how to get picked next year!

      How did Cat make an UberEats driver cry on the weekend?

      When were you tricked into a...



      Friday 21st July 2017

      Cat’s Rap and hilarious rap out-takes

      How did you escape your old life?

      People wearing Blink 182 shirts didn’t recognise the band when they approached them – callers dob in their pretender mates!

      Amos’ strange cleaning solution for people too lazy to clean

      What gross prank got taken a bit too far in school?

      Are you on the run from your old life?

      One of the Brekky team needs a gym intervention – and it gets...



      Thursday 20th July 2017

      Mick Fanning had a close call with a shark AGAIN in J-Bay! When were you unlucky twice?

      We played a game of Would You Rather? with Brodie Smith

      Cat bought Amos a present back from Sri Lanka – then found it in the bin the next day at work – when was your gift rejected?

      Jade from Gawler played for 10K in Alphabucks

      Burst water mains are popping up around Adelaide again! How did they ruin your day?



      Wednesday 19th July 2017

      Nelly the workplace dog plays Terrier Temptation

      What was your motivation to lose weight?

      Are you secretly wearing a wig?

      What are the top 3 ways to work out if someone’s just become single?

      How do couples cope when they have different temperature requirements to sleep?

      Macklemore joined us from Berlin

      We heard the first round of voicemails for our Billboard Single Zoe



      Tuesday 18th July 2017

      Cat told us about what happens you spot your stolen bike.

      The VIPoo ad might be confused for one of our Fake Ads, but no, it’s really real…..

      Kane Cornes reckons Patrick Dangerfield’s been faking it! Turns out SA has a few fakers…

      Ed Sheeran was in Game Of Thrones last night! The guys have worked out how to help him sell his next song

      Exclusive audio of Agro The Puppet campaigning for One Nation!

      Poor Amos rocked up to his...



      Monday 17th July 2017

      Celebrities’ strange first jobs.

      When were you stung by a waiters’ pricey recommendation?

      Angus isn’t too happy about Instagram models who travel for a living complaining about their lack of holidays.

      Cat’s tuk tuk in Sri Lanka was in a couple of clangers – we asked what your worst driving day was

      The AFL is making headlines – most recently for it’s “Top 10” list – but Amos asks what workplace...



      Friday 30th June 2017

      What did your family force you to do? Angus’ Uber driver has to move to Pakistan to take over his family’s business.

      Brad Ebert answered the questions you never knew you wanted to know the answer to but are glad that we asked!

      Amos’ Tool of the Week.

      Cat’s nude was finally auctioned off live in studio – bids started low but things took a very sudden turn.

      Our last ever (maybe) Customer Complaints and we went out with a couple...