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    Tuesday 23rd May 2017

    Tuesday 23rd May 2017



    Monday 22nd May 2017

    Cat got nude on the weekend and took some selfies – it got weird!

    Angus discovered an amazing Instagram hack

    Amos snuck into the movies and pulled off the double

    Shannon Noll dropped by to play Whose Song is it Anyway

    A 12 year old MMA fighter absolutely owned a 24 year old component

    Plus did the delivery turn into love? DJ Tiger Lilly met her boyfriend as an Uber Eats driver!



    Friday 19th May 2017

    Cat’s weekly rap covers everything you need to know in the news this week!

    After Angus spotted a goat in the backseat of a car, we take calls on the weirdest things people have spotted

    Mia Freedman reveals why her first time was a disaster

    Pippa Middleton gets married this weekend but her wedding policy has sparked worldwide interest

    The Siri Challenge – all of Adelaide call the station after Amos, Cat & Angus tell her to dial 13 10...



    Thursday 18th May 2017

    Missed the show this morning?

    Taylor Swift is dating a guy who lives with his parents! Is that a deal breaker?

    Lisa Wilkinson is celebrating 10 years on the Today Show and had a chat with the guys.

    And the Customer Complaint hotline was opened!



    Wednesday 17th May 2017

    Should jails introduce blow up dolls?

    Port Princess has sadly sunk on its last voyage

    Cat dobs in her mum who notoriously gets sayings wrong

    What got banned at school? Teachers are hating fidget spinners, callers reveal what nostalgic things got banned

    Angus reveals that he talks to his dog like a human

    Port Adelaide’s Brad Ebert gives his take on the sledging saga

    Toddler Temptation – does Maddie choose $2k or toys




    Tuesday 16th May 2017

    Angus’ life got hectic…. And Buckets is to blame

    After the pie throwing bloke got banned from Qantas, we took calls on what you were banned from

    Cat judges a girl on Face Value and things get sassy!

    What’s costing you the house? #AvoGate

    Cassie Sainsbury picks her fiancé over seeing her family

    Cat gets real about having a magical number of friends – four

    Angus tried his luck at Amos’ stand-up...



    Monday 15th May 2017

    Will having a bogan name ruin your future career prospects? We tested the theory

    Anne Marie and Cat versus Angus in Whose song is it anyway

    Did the Mother’s Bae Mums find love? We get a date update!

    Amos thinks he has the answer to fix your relationship…

    Cat reveals what she spend $60 on, the boys think it was a waste!



    Friday 12th May 2017

    Brodie Smith reads mean tweets with a twist

    Cat’s babysitting goes very wrong

    Joel Creasey live from Eurovision

    Mother’s Bae…. We find dates for two Mums

    Cat’s weekly rap is epic

    Where were you when the baby came? Scott Pendlebury will be playing footy



    Thursday 11th May 2017

    Angus quizzes Cat on what jobs she’d date

    The customer is not always right

    Emma’s best Fake News yet

    Are you not acting your wage? Lil Bow Wow gets caught out in a hilarious way

    Mother’s Bae – we meet two single mums ready to find love

    After last night’s fiery episode of Last Resort, we take calls on when you confronted the cheater

    The legend that is Sam Johnson joins the show to talk about Connie and the Big...



    Wednesday 10th May 2017

    Toddler Temptation round 4…. Will Zalin choose $2k or Toys?

    An inside view on how the budget affects everyday Australians….

    A kid heckled Cat in the surf!

    Who is the most under the thumb of them all? Angus says he likes it!

    Rachel Griffiths talks penises… all in the name of art of course

    The French president’s missus is 25 years his senior – callers reveal why age gaps work

    Mother’s Bae is...