Father Ryan Higdon

Father Ryan Higdon of the Diocese of Austin, Texas presents his Sunday Mass and School homilies


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Not Slaves or Servants

The one who holds the stars is waiting...


 2019-03-31  18m

Eat Your Vegetables

The struggle is real but so is mercy.


 2019-03-24  17m


There is something greater here. Into our fears and in the face of our nightmares, God offers something beautiful. As we journey deeper into lent, we continue to unpack the beauty of God’s response to our brokenness and the attacks of the devil,


 2019-03-17  18m


Standing strong against temptation


 2019-03-10  20m

Your Brother

Sometimes to really learn something we can’t just hear about it or even see it in person – we need to experience it. This is especially true with mercy. This weeks homily looks at the difficulty of forgiveness and the experience of mercy through the le...


 2019-02-27  18m

Frassati, A Guide (DCYC Talk)

A talk I gave at DCYC (Diocesan Catholic Youth Convention) before several hundred High School students about Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, a man I have a deep devotion to. I ask them to dare to be saints and to ask for a saint to be their guide in lif...


 2019-02-12  32m

Eye Contact

When do we fail? The thing about life is that we fail in life not because we don’t know what to do but because we forget the bigger perspective because we don’t make enough eye contact with the Lord. Today I take a moment and ask for a bit of perspective.


 2019-01-29  18m


What keeps us from seeing the obvious or responding like we should? Fear? Familiarity? Today’s homily takes a look at not only what keeps us from adoring the Lord and being his disciple but what Jesus does about that.


 2019-01-06  19m

Your Place (Christmas)

He is Emmanuel meaning “God is with us” but do we really believe it? This homily invites to make that real by accepting his love which has already chosen us despite our failures.


 2018-12-25  15m

The Giving of the Ark

In the giving of the gift we can often discover what it is, how it came to be, but mostly why. Taking a look at the scriptures, we dive into what the visitation reveals about what was give, how it came to be, and more importantly what it means for us.


 2018-12-23  18m