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      497-Prioritize Your Life, Not Your Money

      After reading hundreds of listener emails this week, I've become very clear on the #1 mistake of the Radical Personal Finance audience.

      Here's my attempt to help.




      496-The Risk of Paying Off Debt Too Fast

      No, that title isn't clickbait. There really is risk created by paying off debt too quickly.

      Details in the show.




      495-Would My 14-Year-Old Son's Marijuana Habit Destroy My Finances if I'm Using a Healthcare Sharing Ministry Like Samaritan Ministries to Pay for My Healthcare?

      Today, we handle this interesting question from a listener:

      "In talking about Samaritan to a pastor-friend he threw out the scenario that your middle school age son is injured in an accident while riding in a friend's car, and the police find marijuana in the car--what happens?

      When I asked a Samaritan rep about it he said their board would carefully review the situation and if they deemed that your son wasn't...



      494-Planning for Wildfires

      Erin writes in and says: "I love listening to your podcast- I know you've had a few episodes recently in reaction to current events. As a resident of the Bay Area I hope you could do an episode in relation to wild fires (if there isn't a past episode I am overlooking)."

      Erin et al, here are my suggestions for you!


      Sponsor today: Bombfell. Visit www.bombfell.com/RPF Tons of important information on preparing for wildfires: www.firewise.org Firescaping: Creating...



      493-Should I Sell My Harley and Buy Some More Mutual Funds?

      Fun question today for our Friday episode...comes in from Chris:


      Looking to see if you have any insight on emotional/psychological decisions versus logical decisions when it comes to finance.

      Back story -

      I have a paid for 20 year old Harley. I have not ridden it in three years, I spend $200/year on an insurance policy, each spring I do...



      492-Choose Your Hammer Carefully and Stop Beating Up Others for Preferring a Different Hammer

      I thought about simply calling today's show, "On Hammers." You pick the title you prefer...but recognize the truth: tools are tools and their usefulness depends not on their inherent attributes but on their appropriate application.


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      491-Q&A: More Money Into Retirement or Buy a House, Can I Use a Donor-Advised Fund for Church Contributions, Should I Move From Commission-Based Job to Salary-Based Job, Should I Keep an India-Based Whole Life Insurance Policy?

      Today's show rounds out a special series of live Q&A shows. Today we cover:

      1:20 Should I put more money into my retirement plan or buy a house? 18:45 Can I use a donor-advised fund as a smart way to get a bigger tax deduction for my contribution to my local church? 32:30 Should I move from a commission-based job to a salary job which also means a salary cut? 39:10 Should I buy a joint universal life insurance policy to protect my new baby? 1:10:00 Should I keep an India-based whole...



      490-Q&A: Paying for a Seminary Degree with Early Distributions from a Retirement Account, Can I Still Become Financially Indpendent if We Move to Paradise First, Should We Sell Our Rental House or Move Back for Tax-Free Gains, Are Healthcare Sharing Minis

      I've been doing a live Q&A series...today we cover these:

      1:24 - Can I Pay for My Seminary Degree with Early Distributions from a Retirement Account? 13:30 - Can I Still Become Financially Independent if We Move to Paradise First? 25:45 - Should We Sell our Rental House Two States Away or Plan to Move Back to It In Order to Get the Tax-Free Gains on a Future Sale? 37:45 - Are Healthcare Sharing Ministries Like Samaritan Ministries Any Good?


      Ph.D. for under $15,000 ...



      489-Lessons From Las Vegas: A Few Practical Ways You Can Prepare For Being Involved in an Active Shooter Scenario

      As we all watch and process the mass shooting in Las Vegas this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few lessons learned. I always try to process an event like this with an eye towards the lessons I can learn.

      The tactical situation in Las Vegas was impossible. I don't think you could imagine a worse situation to be in as a concert-goer. An absolute nightmare.

      But, I do have a few thoughts that I think can help. And since I don't hear anyone sharing...



      488-Q&A: What Should I Do With a Large Bonus, How Can I Counsel a Young Lady Who Is Using Her Earnings to Support Her Poor Mother

      I'm hosting a special Q&A series this week which is open to the entire listening audience.

      Today we tackle:

      What Should I Do With a Large Bonus? How Can I Counsel a Young Lady Who Is Using Her Earnings to Support Her Poor Mother?

      If you'd like to call in for tomorrow's show, here are the details you need to know.