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Joshua J Sheats, MSFS, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CAP, RHU, REBC is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hard-core business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence.




      471-Friday Q&A: What's the Best Type of Retirement Plan for my Wife's Side Business, How Can I Help My Sister-in-Law Who is Asking me for Financial Advice, Should I Pay Off My Debt as Fast as Possible or Save Up and Pay it Off in Large Chunks?

      On Fridays, I host a Q&A call. Patrons of the show are invited to call in and ask any question they want!

      Today, we cover:

      (1:57) What's the best type of retirement plan for my wife's side business? (SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Solo 401(k)?) (16:45) How can I help my sister-in-law who is asking me for financial advice? (30:20) Should I pay off my debt as fast as possible or save up and pay it off in large chunks of money?


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      470-The Danger of a Financial Plan Built on Extremely Low Spending Projections

      There's been an interesting switch in the world of personal finance wherein some people are building financial plans based on extremely low spending projections. In essence, some people assume that if they can live on an extremely low budget per year today, they can build a long-term financial plan predicated on maintaining that spending forever.

      I think this is a dangerous assumption. And, in today's show, I explain why.


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      469-Friday Q&A: Is It Legit That You Can Find Missing Money That's Still Unclaimed, Should I Take Free Housing With a Longer Commute, How Do I Deal With Massive Medical Bills, Do I Need a Personal Insurance Agent, and What Three Books Would Joshua Take to

      Welcome to another Friday Q&A Show! Today, we cover:

      Is It Legit That You Can Find Missing Money That's Still Unclaimed Should I Take Free Housing With a Longer Commute How Do I Deal With Massive Medical Bills Do I Need a Personal Insurance Agent What Three Books Would Joshua Take to A Desert Island?

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      468-Friday Q&A: How does an LLC Protect My Liability and Help Me Save on Tax, How Can I Lower My Tax Bill on the Sale of My House

      Friday Q&A is back! Today:

      How does an LLC Protect My Liability and Help Me Save on Tax? How Can I Lower My Tax Bill on the Sale of My House?

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      467-Debt: Should we Measure it Based on Financial Risk or Lifestyle Risk?

      I've long struggled to know how to advise people with regard to debt. On the one hand, the use of debt can dramatically increase the financial returns of an investment. On the other hand, debt can have a dramatic negative impact on the lifestyle of the borrower when everything goes wrong.

      So, how do we reconcile these two things?

      I've come to see that they're two entirely different scales. Because they are two totally different scales (think: how do kilograms and degrees...



      My Current RPF Projects (a personal update)

      Hey Radicals!

      I've been quiet the last 7 days...here's an update re: what I'm working on at the moment and where I'm going!




      466-The USA's Long-Term Fiscal Gap and Why It Matters to You (America’s Fiscal Insolvency and Its Generational Consequences by Professor Laurence Kotlikoff)

      I've alluded to my long-term guess that the US Government will default on many of its current promises.

      But, I've never really supported that argument.

      I thought I'd kick that support off today by sharing with you a succinct and coherent description of the problem by reading Professor Laurence Kotlikoff's testimony to the Senate Budget Comittee in 2015.



      America’s Fiscal Insolvency and Its Generational Consequences: Testimony to the Senate...



      465-How to Build Passive Income By Investing in Raw Land: Interview with Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek

      I've never invested in raw land. My #1 reason? Since raw land has no utility, there's no way to pull income from it. And at this stage of my life, I value income-producing assets.

      But, my guest on today's show has a great system for solving that problem.

      He has parlayed raw land into a very helpful income stream leading to his own financial freedom.

      Enjoy my interview with Mark!


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      464-The Seasons of Work: How to Get More Important Work Done Without Destroying Your Lifestyle

      Today's episode is Part 2 of a mini-series on the seasons of life.

      The world of work is changing rapidly. We find ourselves pressed on all sides to do more work and different work.

      And yet in personal finance circles, the focus of our conversation is quite frequently how to get out of work.

      I believe work is a blessing and not a curse. And that to run from work is the wrong answer.

      And yet how can we adjust our relationship with work so that it feels more...



      463-The Usefulness and Prioritization of Money in the Seasons of Your Life

      Poverty is hard. Money helps to make life less hard. But, in our modern world, it's hard to figure out how much money is enough.

      As you go through the seasons of your life the usefulness of money will wax and wane.

      Money comes with a cost: time, labor, risk, attention.

      You need to think carefully about the season of your life you're in and consider the unique value of money during this particular season.


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