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    459-Don't Trust Your Financial Advisor!

    Many people are far too free with their personal financial information. This can be very dangerous.

    You cannot expect your financial advisor to keep your personal information private, secret, and secure.

    You've got to take steps to protect yourself.





    458-Mexican Taxis, Drug Cartels, License Plates, Registration Stickers, Goons with Guns...and You!

    I'm not sure how to explain this one to you via text...perhaps it's just better if you hit play and listen!





    Quit Social Media by Dr. Cal Newport

    I'm a big fan of Cal Newport's work and I stumbled across this TEDx talk that he gave on the topic of social media.

    Consider his points and see how they might relate to your personal social media usage.

    It'd be a shame to look back at the end of the year and recognize an alternative use for the hundreds of hours that most of us use in social media activities. Always think about the opportunity cost...


    Original video: https://youtu.be/3E7hkPZ-HTk



    457-Celebrating the Arrival of a New Baby!

    Hey Radicals!

    Today's show is a little audio ramble among friends to tell you that my wife and I are celebrating the birth of a new little baby boy!

    (I also tell you about my 3-year-old's first successful investment...and his 100% ROR!)


    Episode 212: Comments on Preparing for Child Birth with Mrs. RPF



    10 Rules for Dealing With the Police (Audio)

    Rounding out our theme this week of how to survive and thrive during police encounters so that you are not arrested and imprisoned, I bring you an important video by the Flex Your Rights organization.

    This one is best viewed as a video and is available for free here: https://youtu.be/s4nQ_mFJV4I

    It contains dramatic presentations and acting and is really well done. I recommend that you don't listen to the audio file here; I recommend you make the time to watch the video...



    You Have the Right to Remain Innocent, by Law Professors James Duane and Randy E Barnett

    This is the audio from a presentation at the CATO Institute by Law Professors James Duane and Randy Barnett. (original video: https://youtu.be/gpkc2FZFR5k)

    It is a follow up of the concepts outlined in James Duane's excellent book "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent."

    There is very little additional value from watching the video file, so enjoy the audio and you'll get the most important points.

    Buy James Duane's book "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent"...



    Don't Talk to the Police - James Duane, Law Professor at Regent University School of Law

    I urge you to make the time to listen to this presentation about why you should not talk to the police, no matter your guilt or innocence in any matter.

    This is an audio presentation of this YouTube speech (viewed over 23 million times wherein Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials: https://youtu.be/d-7o9xYp7eE

    (There is very little added value in the...



    456-Protect Your Money by Arrest-Proofing Yourself and Your Children

    If you get arrested, you can kiss anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars good-bye.

    You need insurance against that eventuality.

    Today, I'm going to teach you why it's vitally important that you arrest-proof yourself and how to do it.


    Arrest Proof Yourself book: http://amzn.to/2ph7Xos Don't Talk to the Police video: https://youtu.be/d-7o9xYp7eE You Have the Right to Remain Innocent video: https://youtu.be/gpkc2FZFR5k BUSTED: The...



    455-A Business Approach That Works For This Stay-At-Home Mome: Interview with Dr. Marilyn Brodeur, Founder of the Infant Dental Center

    My guest today is Dr. Marilyn Brodeur, founder of the Infant Dental Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

    Marilyn reached out to me after hearing my response to a caller in Episode 417 who was struggling with a decision of whether to pursue her career aspirations or to focus her attention on her children.

    So, I invited her on the store to share her story about how she has built a successful business that allows her a great deal of flexibility and capitalizes on her skills and...



    Quit Social Media - TEDx Talk by Dr. Cal Newport

    Hey Radicals! I'm sorry about the lack of shows this week. I had a full week planned, but was under the weather on Monday and simply in a creative funk the last couple of days. I had topics planned, but I struggled to create anything worth your listening to.

    I plan to be back with a new show on Friday.

    But, in the meantime, here's a provocative little TEDx talk by Cal Newport on the topic of social media for you to enjoy.

    It's worth your time.