Stuff Mom Never Told You

Join hosts Anney and Samantha to listen to Stuff Mom Never Told You, continuing the conversation of what it is to identify as female through research-based discussion around feminism and how it impacts everyday life. New episodes come out Wednesday and Friday.

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SMNTY Classics: How Much Is Virginity Worth?

What’s the deal with virginity auctions? Why is virginity associated with both sacredness and stigma, especially for women? Is virginity a valueless construct rather than an actual physical state?


 2019-12-14  35m

The Shame and Blame Game

The definitions of shame and guilt are still the source of much academic debate. In this episode, Anney and Samantha talk gender differences when it comes to shame, blame and guilt and dig into the science of victim-blaming.


 2019-12-13  45m

Why Are We So Quick to Label Women?

As humans we love labeling people. Why is that, and why are we so ready to label women? Anney and Samantha dish on the science of labeling and the pros and cons.


 2019-12-11  31m

SMNTY Classics: Do Female Astronauts Have the Right Stuff?

When Kennedy announced the lunar missions, several women hoped to make the trip. The women of Mercury 13 excelled at physical testing yet weren't allowed to work at NASA. Why? Find out in this classic episode.


 2019-12-07  23m

Feminist Movie Friday: A Tale of Two Holiday Superhero Movies

Anney and Samantha dive into the feminism of two holiday classics: Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 (with bonus discussion on Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse).


 2019-12-06  46m

Indigenous Women You Need to Know

Natalie Evans of the Some Kind of Brown Podcast discusses some of America's most badass indigenous women.


 2019-12-05  1h1m

Emotional Labor: Holiday Edition

When it comes to the holidays, women often shoulder a bulk of the responsibility for making them magical, whether it's meal-planning, meal-cooking, gift-buying, gift-wrapping, gift-shipping, decorating, cookie-baking, card-writing, phone-calling, peace-keeping, are you stressed yet??


 2019-11-30  54m

Imagining Forgiveness

Deeply personal and emotional, forgiveness is also deeply difficult, fraught, and when it comes it to women, sometimes weaponized. Anney and Samantha debunk some forgiveness myths, discuss how-tos, and dig into the potential health benefits of letting go.


 2019-11-27  32m

SMNTY Classics: Is Food the New Sex?

Have food morals replaced sexual morals? Do modern humans want pizza and chocolate more than sex? Surveys suggest yes. Listen in to this classic to learn more about how food and sex collide in the brain.


 2019-11-23  37m

Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun

As a culture, we are uncomfortably comfortable with mocking fangirls. Why is that? Spoiler alert, it's sexism. Anney and Samantha trace the history of fangirls and our dismissal of them, and discuss why fangirls run the world.


 2019-11-22  39m