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      GRP 84-From Mogadishu as a Marine to Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL Sniper The Chris Osman Story

      GRP 84-From Mogadishu as a Marine to Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL Sniper The Chris Osman Story by Global Recon



      GRP 83-Operation Nimrod: The Story of the Iranian Embassy Siege by SAS Staff Sergeant Rusty Firmin

      GRP 83-Operation Nimrod: The Story of the Iranian Embassy Siege by SAS Staff Sergeant Rusty Firmin by Global Recon



      GRP 82-Killing in Combat: A Navy SEALs perspective on killing on the battlefield

      GRP 82-Today marks the 12th anniversary of Operation Red Wings with what was at the time the worst loss of life for American forces in Afghanistan, and the worse loss of life for Naval Special Warfare in their storied history. Back on the podcast is retired U.S. Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Kevin Lacz. Kevin is trained as Corpsman (Medic) and a Sniper. This places Kevin and those like him on opposite ends of the spectrum of combat arms in taking life on the battlefield...



      GRP 81-Against All Odds: Two Green Berets overcoming Adveristy| Transnational Terrorism

      GRP 81- Co-hosting for this episode is Army veteran Tim Kolczak founder of The Veterans Project. On with us are two medically retired Green Berets. Mark Belden is a former 18 Delta (Special Forces Medic) who received several traumatic brain injuries during his operational service, and Jared Bullock a former 18 Echo (Special Forces Communications Sergeant) who rode over an IED in Afghanistan. Jared lost his right arm and right leg as well as one of his best friends in the blast. We discuss...



      GRP 80-Memorial Day in Mosul: A Special Forces Veteran Returns to Iraq

      GRP 80- Memorial Day has a special place in American culture. It's a day we honor those who were killed in action during all wars fought by this country. Memorial Day is observed as a federal holiday, but there are men and women to which every day is Memorial Day. We have a special episode for this week with Special Forces veteran and co-founder of Raise The Black Bryan Myers who came on to the podcast with us while he's in Mosul, Iraq. Bryan spent his Memorial Day going back to a place...



      GRP 79-Baptism by Fire: The Resurrection of the Marine Raiders|Bombing in Manchester England

      GRP 79- We'd like to send our condolences out to the victims and families of those killed in the Manchester bombing attack that occurred Monday, May 22nd, in Manchester England. U.K. security forces are conducting several operations in response to the bombing which has killed 22 and wounded over 50. I had the honor and privilege of having on former Marine Raider Pete Perry. Pete was a Reconnaissance Marine prior to the Marines Special Operations Command (MARSOC) being stood up. For years...



      GRP 78- Don’t Fear The Reaper: Nick Irving's Journey as a Sniper in the GWOT

      GRP 78-On for this week's episode is former Army Ranger Sniper and New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Irving. Nick served for several years in the military all with Ranger battalion. We discussed his journey as the child of two military parents and what motivated him to join the Army. We talked about mindset and some of the qualities that you need to succeed in anything you want to do in life. There is a lot of laughing going on in this episode so please bare with us. We talked some...



      GRP 77-Defiant: A Green Beret Overcoming Adversity|RIP 1st Lt. Weston Lee.

      GRP 77- This week we bring somber news. 1st Lieutenant Weston C. Lee, 25, of Bluffton, GA died Apr. 29th, outside Mosul, Iraq, when he stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) while conducting security as part of advise and assist support to partnered forces NE of Mosul. 1st Lieutenant Weston C. Lee was an infantry officer assigned to 1st Battalion, 325th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. Weston's good friends Josh Porter, and Marcus created a...



      GRP 76-Who Dares Wins: The Story of SAS Assaulter Jason Falla|Redback One

      GRP 76-We have a special guest on for this week's podcast. Former Australian SAS trooper Jason Falla who is also the owner of a tactical training company called "Redback One" came on to talk about his journey in the Australian Special Forces world. He spent the first 6 years of his career with the 1st Commando Regiment before then going to SAS selection and finishing out the remaining 6 years of his military service as an SAS an assault team member and patrol medic of a water operations...



      GRP 75- The Journey Of A British Special Boat Service Operator: Jason Carl Fox

      GRP 75- Chantel Taylor and I begin this week's podcast by discussing some of the recent events taking place in the past week to include the U.S. dropping the largest nonnuclear bomb in its arsenal the MOAB, we also touched on some of the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula and some other topics. Our special guest for this week's podcast is former British Special Forces Operator Jason Carl Fox. "Foxy" spent 20 years as a Royal Marine with the last 10 serving as a Special Boat Service...