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"Intelligence is as fixed as a person's height." Right? But guess what - you're part of the species that invented platform shoes, stilts, elevators, helium balloons and rocket ships. Smart Drug Smarts is for people interested in maximizing their brains -- both in health and utility -- using the latest findings in neuroscience. Join Jesse Lawler as he chats with neuroscientists, biochemists, futurists, and multi-domain researchers into cognitive enhancement. Sleep, optimal nutrition, supplements and nootropics, cognitive enhancement, Artificial Intelligence, ketogenic diets, psychedelics, and tDCS are all on the table. Smart Drug Smarts doesn’t advocate any particular approach -- we’re here to provide an accurate-as-possible body of knowledge in a field where the options available are growing daily.



      #215: Social Illusions with Dr. Erica Boothby

      Optical Illusions are interesting "glitches." But social illusions -- and there are MANY -- actually drive our behavior. Dr. Erica Boothby pulls back the veil on your own inner thoughts.



      #214 – Ibogaine with Dr. Emeline Maillet

      Ibogaine could be an effective therapy against addiction -- or it could be (literally) the cure that kills the patient. Hear about the many facets of this plant-derived substance from Dr. Emeline Maillet.



      #213: Sleep Deprivation with Dr. Paul Whitney

      As biological imperatives go, sleep is the one we need less than air and water, but more than food and sex. Try to get by without it, and the problems start cropping up - fast.



      #212 – Multi-Lingual Brains with Dr. Ellen Bialystok

      Conventional wisdom holds that knowing more languages is "good for your brain." But what makes it so? And good in which ways? Dr. Ellen Bialystok is one of the world's foremost experts, and conducted many of the studies that has brought this "common knowledge" to the public.



      #211: MDMA vs. PTSD

      The FDA has given a green light to a Phase 3 trial using MDMA as a psychologist-assisted therapy against PTSD. How might this "party drug" work in a non-party context?



      #210: Mind Wandering

      Mind wandering is bad if you're operating a chain saw. But if you're stuck on a well-defined intellectual problem, it could be just the ticket. Christine Godwin explains the latest research was I just talking about?



      #209 – Addiction: Old and New Schools

      Can you be "addicted to Facebook"? And if so, is that much like being addicted to heroin? Two addiction researchers specializing in pharmacology and cyberpsychology weigh in.



      #208 – Optimizing Epigenetics with Dr. Daniel Stickler

      If genes are the "Book of You," then epigenetics are the dog-eared pages marking the parts you're interested in right now. Dr. Daniel Stickler explains how to use this active overlay on genetic information to your advantage.



      #207: Bugs on Drugs

      Giving LSD to fruit flies sounds like a fraternity prank. But with the right tools, it could be an approach that helps unlock the brain's secrets in perception, mood, and even consciousness.



      #206 – Ayahuasca vs. Depression with Dr. Draulio Araujo

      Ayahuasca may mark the first time that a nausea-inducing beverage has gotten...popular. But there may be valid medical reasons why "Mother" Ayahuasca -- a brew featuring strong psychedelic effects -- is becoming well known outside the Brazilian jungle. Dr. Draulio Araujo explains.