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episode 706: Is this the dynamic web were promised? with Parametric Press's Matthew Conlen

Matthew Conlen is a Ph.D. student interested in how computers can help people communicate complex information more effectively. He collaborates with journalists, scientists, and engineers to tell stories and unlock insights with data. He's also the founder of The Parametric Press - a born-digital magazine dedicated to showcasing the expository power that’s possible when the audio, visual, and interactive capabilities of dynamic media are effectively combined.



episode 705: Is it the Data or the Algorithm? Common pitfalls in Data Science and Deep Learning with Sara Beck

Sara Beck is the Machine Learning Solution Principal at Slalom Build. She thinks about Data Science and Deep Learning and how diagnosing and anticipating common data science pitfalls can help prevent issues before they happen.



episode 704: Making Indie games with PIGSquad's Dylan Bennett

In this Part 2 on tiny Game Development, we talked to Dylan Bennett from the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIG Squad). He's made a great 72-page zine about doing game development with PICO-8. The zine assumes you have never done game development before. However, there are sections specifically for people who have done game development before, but would like to do so in PICO-8.




episode 702: On Being Productive with Cantilever's Ty Fujimura

Ty Fujimura is the founder of Cantilever, website design and development consultancy. He's always thinking about balance. Trying to find that balance between productive and healthy. Ty and Scott compare notes on productivity and what it means to "Get things done."


 2019-09-19  34m

episode 701: Learning CircuitPython with Scott Shawcroft

CircuitPython is a programming language designed to simplify experimenting and learning to code on low-cost microcontroller boards. The history of CircuitPython begins with MicroPython, a Python interpreter written from scratch for embedded systems by Damien George starting in 2013. Three years later, Adafruit hired Shawcroft to port MicroPython to the SAMD21 chip they use on many of their boards.


 2019-09-12  34m

episode 700: Relationship Hacks 2019 with Scott's Wife Mo

  • https://www.hanselminutes.com/403/geek-relationships-2013-with-scotts-wife-mo
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 2019-09-05  35m

episode 699: Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Startup Success with Cheryl Contee

  • BOOK: Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Startup Success


 2019-08-29  31m

 2019-08-22  29m

episode 697: Managing the Burnout Burndown with Dr. Aneika Simmons

Dr. Aneika L. Simmons teaches courses about leadership, organization behavior, and human resources at Sam Houston State University. She completed her doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at Texas A&M University. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Dr. Simmons worked for Accenture and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young as an information technology consultant. She also has a Masters degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Houston...


 2019-08-16  32m