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      Microsoft Developers with Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer

      A decade ago, a Microsoft developer might have been defined by the fact that they built C# applications on Windows. Today, a Microsoft developer is just as likely to be writing JavaScript for Linux. The company has repositioned itself to focus on cloud services, SaaS products, and enterprise artificial intelligence.

      Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer host the MS Dev Show, a popular podcast about Microsoft developers and technologies. On their show, they explore the rapidly...



      Startup Roundtable with Joseph Jacks and Gregory Koberger

      Building a startup requires constant evaluation of tradeoffs. At the earliest stage, the founders evaluate different ideas. Once an idea is settled on, the company develops strategies for finding early customers and growing. As the company develops traction, the operators consider ways to scale further or partner with an acquirer.

      Joseph Jacks and Greg Koberger are two founders who have been on the show previously. JJ started Kismatic, the earliest company completely...



      Software in Latin America with Mariana Costa

      Access to education is something everyone strives for but not all achieve–especially education that leads to meaningful and well-paying work. In today’s world where software is eating all sorts of industries, access to a good technical education is still out of the reach of many people.

      Laboratoria is a social enterprise which teaches women from low-income backgrounds in Peru, Mexico and Chile how to code and helps place them in coding jobs. It was started in...



      Container Networking with Dan Williams

      Containers are widely used in projects that have adopted Docker, Kubernetes, or Mesos. Containers allow for better resource isolation and scalability. With all of the adoption of containers, companies like Red Hat, Google, and CoreOS are working on improved standards within the community.

      Standards are important to this community because of its pace of growth and the number of concurrent projects. If you heard our recent episode about the Linux Kernel’s open source...



      Reinforcement Learning with Michal Kempa

      Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning where a program learns how to take actions in an environment based on how that program has been rewarded for actions it took in the past. When program takes an action, and it receives a reward for that action, it is likely to take that action again in the future because it was positively reinforced.

      Michal Kempka is a computer scientist work works on VizDoom, an AI research platform for reinforcement learning, with...



      Apparel Machine Learning with Colan Connon and Thomas Bell

      In its most basic definition, machine learning is a tool that makes takes a data set, finds a correlation in that data set, and uses that correlation to improve a system. Any complex system with well-defined behavior and clean data can be improved with machine learning.

      Several precipitating forces have caused machine learning to become widely used: more data, cheaper storage, and better tooling. Two pieces of tooling that have been open sourced from Google help...



      Simple Programmer with John Sonmez

      Software engineers have a skill set that can be applied to solve problems outside of a codebase. Analytical skills can be used to evaluate investment opportunities. Creative thinking can be used to build businesses. Communication skills can be used to build and enhance relationships.

      John Sonmez is a software engineer who created the Simple Programmer, a community of developers who discuss strategies around software, business, and life. He joined me on the show to discuss...



      Backups with Kenny To

      Every software company backs up critical data sources. Backing up databases is a common procedure, whether a company is in the cloud or on-prem. Backing up virtual machine instances is less common.

      Rubrik is a company that is known for building backup infrastructure for enterprises. Their main product is an appliance that sits on prem at an enterprise and stores snapshots of virtual machines running within the enterprise. If a virtual machine dies, Rubrik can quickly...



      MRuby and Language Security with Daniel Bovensiepen

      Shopify is a company that helps customers build custom online storefronts. Shopify has built upon the same Ruby on Rails application since the founding of their business 12 years ago starting with Rails 0.5 and moving all the way to Rails 5.  

      MRuby is a lightweight implementation of the Ruby language. Shopify made the decision to use mruby to allow customers to create custom scripts that are run every time a customer adds items to their cart. However, since mruby was a...



      Coinbase Security with Philip Martin

      At Coinbase, security is more important than anything else. Coinbase is a company that allows for storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies. Protecting banking infrastructure is difficult, but in some ways the stakes are higher with Coinbase, because bitcoin is fundamentally unregulated.

      If a hacker were able to syphon all of the money out of Coinbase accounts, Coinbase would have no recourse–which means this is a more sensitive problem than the regulated banking...