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The Impromptu is a weekly technology podcast, hosted by Michael Norton and Alex Knight. It’s a multi-faceted show discussing how technology, design, and economics converge on topics that matter most to us. We examine the creative process and how the decisions we make, shape our perceptions and lives.

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episode 208: The MacBook Pro We Needed

Disney+ launches to a massive success, Apple releases the 16" MacBook pro, iOS 13.2.3 is out with bug fixes, and Half Life Alyx VR is announced.



episode 207: Banning Political Ads on Social Media

Twitter bans political ads on their platform, Adobe unleashes Creative Suite updates, and major iOS 13 bugs continue to linger and annoy both users and developers.



episode 206: Putting The "Pro" into AirPods

We examine the marvelous technologies crammed into the new AirPods Pro. It’s hard to believe what Apple has managed to achieve in such a tiny package.



episode 205: Pixel 4 Impressions

We examine the Google Pixel 4 flagship Android phone, and its rather underwhelming performance. Also, the 16" MacBook Pro is real, AirPods Pro, and how Google Stadia could be a game changer.


 2019-10-22  1h9m

episode 204: 2019 Microsoft Surface Hardware

Synopsis: Exciting new Microsoft Surface hardware has been revealed, only some of it won't be shipping until next year. We also talk about the perils of pro audio/video software on new macOS releases, new AirPods, new MacBook Pros, and new California...


 2019-10-08  52m

episode 203: Perpetual Complainers: iOS Edition

Synopsis: Why are people never happy? This week we look at the release of iOS 13.1.2 as an atypical release, just days after 13.1.1. Fixing bugs and releasing often shows that software is being maintained. Isn't it a good thing? We end with a...


 2019-10-01  44m

episode 202: iPhone 11 Camera System Examined

With an iPhone 11 Pro Max on hand, we examine the iPhone 11’s stellar camera system, which represents a significant leap forward for smartphone photography.


 2019-09-24  51m

episode 201: More iPhone 11/Pro Follow Up

Lots of follow up to last week’s Apple event, with more details on iPhone 11/Pro with complaints from people that can’t be satisfied, iOS 13.1, U1 chip and AR headset potential, and more.


 2019-09-17  1h5m

episode 200: Happy 200th! With Special Guests Jason DeFillippo and Harry Marks

We celebrate our 200th episode by bringing Jason DeFillippo of the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast and Harry Marks of Covered podcast to cover this mornings Apple Event. New iPad, iPhones, Apple Watch, and updates on Apple services.


 2019-09-11  1h29m

episode 199: Creating ISP Competition in Canada

Internet rates are about to get cheaper in Canada with a new ruling by the CRTC that will increase competition among Internet Service Providers. We also discuss iOS 13 beta release schedules and Android 10.


 2019-08-27  41m