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episode 77: Jane H. Hong, "Gates to Asia: A Transpacific History of How America Repealed Asian Exclusion" (UNC Press, 2019)

Over the course of less than a century, the U.S. transformed from a nation that excluded Asians from immigration and citizenship to one that receives more immigrants from Asia than from anywhere else in the world...



episode 308: Filippo Marsili, "Heaven Is Empty: A Cross-Cultural Approach to 'Religion' and Empire in Ancient China" (SUNY Press, 2018)

Marsili offers a new comparative perspective on the role of the sacred in the formation of China’s early empires (221 BCE–9 CE)...



episode 50: Magnus Nordenman, "The New Battle for the Atlantic: Emerging Naval Competition with Russia in the Far North" (Naval Institute Press, 2019)

With Vladimir Putin’s Russia threatening the peace in Europe following the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the North Atlantic and other maritime domains around Europe are once again vitally important...



episode 91: Benjamin Dangl, "The Five Hundred Year Rebellion: Indigenous Movements and the Decolonization of History in Bolivia" (AK Press, 2019)

Dangl demonstrates the ways that Aymara, Quechua, and Guaraní intellectuals, activists, and communities use history as a means of resistance...



episode 16: Blake Perkins, "Hillbilly Hellraisers: Federal Power and Populist Defiance in the Ozarks" (U Illinois Press, 2017)

Perkins discusses regional relations with the federal government, and the evolution of grassroots politics...



episode 209: Daniel Kennefick, "No Shadow of Doubt: The 1919 Eclipse that Confirmed Einstein’s Theory of Relativity" (Princeton UP, 2019)

Daniel Kennefick talks about resistance to relativity theory in the early twentieth century and the huge challenges that faced British astronomers who wanted to test the theory during the solar eclipse of 1919...



episode 55: Josh Reno, "Military Waste: The Unexpected Consequences of Permanent War Readiness" (U California Press, 2019)

Seven decades of military spending during the cold war and war on terror have created a vast excess of military hardware – what happens to all of this military waste when it has served its purpose and what does it tell us about militarism in American culture?



episode 228: James Schwartz, "The Ethics of Space Exploration" (Springer, 2016)

This book aims to contribute significantly to the understanding of issues of value which repeatedly emerge in interdisciplinary discussions on space and society...



episode 91: Becca Klaver, "Ready for the World" (Black Lawrence Press, 2020)

Klaver reminds us that no matter the digital distance between us we are never quite alone...



Lori Gemeiner-Bihler, "Cities of Refuge: German Jews in London and New York, 1935-1945" (SUNY Press, 2019)

Gemeiner-Bihler compares the experiences of Jewish refugees who immigrated to London and New York City by analyzing letters, diaries, newspapers, organizational documents, and oral histories...