Nerds Assemble

Emily and the three Pauls present a weekly dose of conversation on videogames, films, TV shows, comics, graphics, novels, anime, manga and much, much more.

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Nerds Assemble 201: The future is female

This week: we discuss the announcement of the new Doctor and the reactions to it. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss:HannibalFinal Fantasy XVGilmore GirlsRick and MortySpider-Man HomecomingTransformers 5Game of ThronesCommunityTwin PeaksTomb


 2017-07-27  1h11m

Nerds Assemble 200: Under the influence

This week: It’s our 200th podcast! So we’ve decided to speak about 5 things each that have influenced us or changed our lives. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss:Harry Potter (novels)Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s seriesPokemon BlueMorrowindSuperna


 2017-07-12  1h19m

Nerds Assemble 199: E3 - The story so far...

This week: The beginnings of the E3 show. (Please note, this episode was recorded after the Bethesda and Microsoft presentations, but before any of the others). Join Paul, Paul and Emily as they discussMicrosoft announcementsBethesda announcementsEA anno


 2017-06-13  1h31m

Nerds Assemble 198: Cancelled!

This week: Several Netflix shows get axed, including Nerds favourite Sense8. Join Paul, Paul and Paul as they discuss:Why were they cancelled?The future of content on Netflix?If there could be a potential resurrection? Plus:Wonder WomanSanta Clarita Diet


 2017-06-08  50m

Nerds Assemble 197: Indie games talk with Jupiter Hadley

This week: Indie games and Game Jams. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily along with special guest indie games fan and games journalist, Jupiter Hadley as they discussAre indie games making the most of consoles?Is the indie games market in a healthy state?Wh


 2017-05-16  1h16m

Nerds Assemble 196: I.P. Freely

This week: How the Investigatory Powers act will affect citizens in the UK. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss:The details of the Snoopers CharterVPNs Plus:Sense8A Handmaid’s TaleAmerican GodsPreacherLuciferSupernaturaliZombieDr WhoMario Kar


 2017-05-09  1h13m

Nerds Assemble 195: The trials and tribulations of DLC

This week: DLC has come a long what since we started this podcast, but are we happy with it in its present state? Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss:Whether current gen DLC is fit for purpose Plus:Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2American GodsP


 2017-05-03  1h12m

Nerds Assemble 194: Who’s even writing this?

This week: Are we about to get another writers strike, and what could that mean? Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss:What the WGA are striking aboutA look back on the previous writer’s strike (from 2007)How it could be different today Plus:Dr


 2017-04-18  52m

Nerds Assemble 193: On diversity and comic sales

This week: Will Wonder Woman get a second film? Is diversity killing Marvel’s comic sales? Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss:Suggestions that Wonder Woman won’t get a sequel Marvel sales VP insinuating diversity is killing sales of Marvel c


 2017-04-04  1h14m