Waiting for Doom

Mike and Paul doomsplain everyones favourite superhero team, the Doom Patrol!


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Episode 69: Well We Wouldn't Want Weirdness To Come Into It, Would We?

Horrible mutants! Horrible accents! Horrible Comic Book Science! Horrible Perve-O-Meters! Horrible reinforcements! Horrible nazi gorillas! Let's get horrible! No, wait, let's get PATROLLING!! Down on Derrington Way - 9:34Doom Clock - 14:33Doomsplaining...


 2016-09-01  58m

Episode 68: Disobey Your Mum and Get On the Magic Bus

Good grief! Mike and Paul are back and babbling on about the Doom Patrol again! Someone call in the government to put an end to this madness! Down on Derrington Way - 8:03Doom Clock - 11:47Doomsplaining - 15:15 - this week we look at issues 51 and 52 f...


 2016-08-25  1h3m

Episode 67: 4/5ths All New, All Different...

After another run-in with those accursed Tech-Gods, we're back for more Doom Patrol-related shenanigans and madness (WINK!)! Plus we take our first steps into some new Patrol territory this episode, so LET'S GET PATROLLING!! Down on Derrington Way - 8:...


 2016-08-18  1h1m

Episode 66: Kor Blimey, Check Out That Arsenal!

High stakes wagers! Suburban castles! Mad scientist voyeurism! Punk-ass green kids with unfortunate hair! Bob Brown - not the Greens senator! Giant monitor…lizards?!? Snyder-esque destruction! Horrible accents! Embarrassing revelations! Holy crap this o...


 2016-08-04  1h8m

Episode 65: Like Getting Hit with Psychoactive Discharge

The theme for this episode appears to be: So this weird thing happens. Right. Then another weird thing happens. Riiiiight. And then ANOTHER weird thing happens….RIIIIIGHT. In any case: LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 7:32Doom Clock - 12:...


 2016-07-28  1h6m

Episode 64: Being Real and Not Giving A Garguax with Paul Kupperberg!

Despite Mike and Paul previously promising an amazing 'all mime' episode, WilFreD has used his terror-nology to overrule (and scare) them, in order to bring you something far more fitting for the Doom Patrol legacy, with an extra special guest - Paul Kup...


 2016-07-20  1h8m

Episode 63: Endings…Beginnings…Doom!

It's the inevitable, triumphant return of Waiting For Doom! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 5:36Doom Clock - 7:04Doomsplaining - 12:13 - this week we look at issues 17 and 18 from volume 2, by Paul Kupperberg and Graham Nolan! Not only w...


 2016-07-14  1h5m

Episode 62: dP101 - Introduction to Patrology

All praise the return of Mike and Paul, as they find themselves still Waiting For Doom! This week we take a special look at the team across the ages, in a special episode to get everyone caught up and ready for volume 6, launching in September! LET'S GE...


 2016-06-30  1h4m

Episode 61: Conquering Aliens, Creepy Bosses and Death Cookies

Welcome back to Waiting For Doom! This week we return to the 1960s and take a look at an unexpected alliance formed to save the world! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 5:15Doom Clock - 7:06Doomsplaining - 9:30 - we discuss issues 111 and ...


 2016-06-16  58m

Episode 60: The Polar Opposite of The Ant Farm

Mike and Paul return to discuss more Doom Patrol related goodness, despite the saucy shenanigans of Shadowy Mr. Evans! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 9:10Doom Clock - 11:10Doomsplaining - 14:05 - we take look at issues 47 and 48 from vo...


 2016-06-09  54m