Waiting for Doom

Mike and Paul doomsplain everyones favourite superhero team, the Doom Patrol!


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Episode 62: dP101 - Introduction to Patrology

All praise the return of Mike and Paul, as they find themselves still Waiting For Doom! This week we take a special look at the team across the ages, in a special episode to get everyone caught up and ready for volume 6, launching in September! LET'S GE...


 2016-06-30  1h4m

Episode 61: Conquering Aliens, Creepy Bosses and Death Cookies

Welcome back to Waiting For Doom! This week we return to the 1960s and take a look at an unexpected alliance formed to save the world! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 5:15Doom Clock - 7:06Doomsplaining - 9:30 - we discuss issues 111 and ...


 2016-06-16  58m

Episode 60: The Polar Opposite of The Ant Farm

Mike and Paul return to discuss more Doom Patrol related goodness, despite the saucy shenanigans of Shadowy Mr. Evans! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 9:10Doom Clock - 11:10Doomsplaining - 14:05 - we take look at issues 47 and 48 from vo...


 2016-06-09  54m

Episode 59: Attack of the High-Tech Weaponry Wielding Geriatrics!

It's the return of two classic Doom Patrol villains, and proof that maybe Arani hasn't talking garbage since her first appearance! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 6:20Doom Clock - 7:25Doomsplaining - 11:02 - we look at issues 15 and 16 f...


 2016-06-02  55m

Episode 58: Eloquent Monsters and Legal Dramas

Eloquent monsters! Tomato Spray! Miracle Max! Legal Drama! Paraphrasing! Sabotaged Employed Prospects! Mismatched Love! Comic Book Science! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way - 14:21 Doom Clock - 17:10 Doomsplaining - 22:21 - we take a...


 2016-05-26  1h14m

Episode 57: JLMay Crossover Part 3! JLA: Year One #5 & #6

*The* comic book podcast crossover event of 2016 continues here - The JLMay juggernaut keeps rolling through the month! Make sure you listen to Fire & Water podcast episode 163 for Part 1, then Power of Fishnets podcast episode 6 for Part 2! You can the...


 2016-05-12  1h14m

Episode 56: Flexing Our Mental(lo) Muscles with Chris Sebela!

Weclome back, Patrollers! We've got a special guest to discuss a special story on a special episode, so let's get patrolling! Doom Clock - 9:14 Doomsplaining - 14:24 - this week we look at the Flex Mentallo miniseries from 1996 - and joining us ...


 2016-05-05  57m

Episode 55: Make the Trip Down to Magical, Mysterious Zaraka!

New fields of science! Mystery gasses! Sexism! Missed opportunities for super-creepiness! Butt-based body slams! Teenage sock consumption! GET PATROLLING! Doom Clock - 7:30 Doomsplaining - 9:52 - this week we look at issues 107 and 108 from volume...


 2016-04-28  1h0m

Episode 54: The Calm Before the (Next) Storm

Welcome back, Patrollers, to another fun-filled and madcap episode of the best Doom Patrol show in the land! This week we've got everything from special announcements, to hate-shopping for abstract art, to angst-filled relationships, to busy knick-knack...


 2016-04-20  49m

Episode 53: Order, Chaos, Doom and Butts

This one has it all, Patrollers! Cosmic wars! The departure of a team member! Butts! The first appearance of another team member! Bikinis! Technical issues! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Doom Clock - 6:28 - includes a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT INVOLVES GROUP PA...


 2016-04-15  54m