What A Cartoon!

From the creators of Talking Simpsons comes What A Cartoon!, an audio exploration of every cartoon ever! Join hosts Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey (as well as several guests) for an in-depth look at a different episode of a different cartoon every week!


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What A Cartoon! - Daria "The Misery Chick"

We're back to the land of MTV to revisit Daria, the sorta-spinoff of Beavis and Butt-Head that gave all of us smartass introverts a hero of the people. And with the recent announcement of a sequel series, our little podcast is jumping into one of the...


 2018-08-06  1h38m

What A Cartoon! - The Big O "A Legacy of Amadeus"

Cowboy Bebop isn't the only Western-influenced anime series to make waves on Cartoon Network in the early '00s. Just a few years before Spike Spiegel blew the minds of American cable viewers, The Big O emerged as an ultra-stylish and enigmatic series...


 2018-07-30  1h31m

What A Cartoon! - Xavier: The Renegade Angel "The 6th Teat of Good Intentions"

Matthew Jay (Cartoons 101) joins us to jump into one of the most disturbing shows in Adult Swim history, PFFR's Xavier: Renegade Angel. From the creators of Wonder Showzen we dive into the lid-flipping mind-expander as we ramble along with Xavier as...


 2018-07-23  1h20m

What A Cartoon! - Wallace & Gromit "The Wrong Trousers"

Steady on, listeners, because this week's episode is a deep dive into the iconic British adventures of Wallace & Gromit! Matthew Jay joins us to discuss the Oscar-winning short film, "The Wrong Trousers" as chosen by a premium Patreon supporter!...


 2018-07-16  1h21m

What A Cartoon! - Rocko's Modern Life "Wacky Delly"

We're returning once again to the world of Nicktoons with the first creation to follow the original three series, Rocko's Modern Life! Two years after launching Doug, Rugrats, and The Ren & Stimpy Show, cable network Nickelodeon realized adults...


 2018-07-09  1h37m

What A Cartoon! - Family Guy "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows"

We had threatened to do it, and now Matthew Jay joins your Simpsons-loving pals to discuss a season three episode of Family Guy! It's one of the more heartfelt episodes of the show with some solid jokes in there, and we're pretty fair to the fricken...


 2018-07-02  1h51m

What A Cartoon! - FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

After producing one of the most influential anime series ever—Neon Genesis Evangelion—animation studio GAINAX went from adapting a comic about high school relationships to something even more unexpected: a coming-of-age story about robots that...


 2018-06-25  1h53m

What A Cartoon! - Freakazoid "Next Time, Phone Ahead/Nerdator"

Chosen by one of our premium Patreon supporters, we're doing one of the first season favorites of Kids WB's Freakazoid! Matthew Jay joins Bob and Henry to talk all about this episode as the pinnacle/end of an era for Steven Spielberg's TV toon empire!...


 2018-06-18  1h53m

What A Cartoon! - Home Movies "The Party"

We're headed back into Adult Swim territory as we check out the UPN reject that helped kick off Cartoon Network's successful programming block and ultimately didn't find a great home there. But for four glorious seasons, Home Movies adapted the...


 2018-06-11  1h21m

What A Cartoon! - Space Ghost Coast to Coast "$20.01"

This week Bob and Henry are joined by Matthew Jay of Cartoons 101 to dig into Space Ghost and his oddball show that would pave the way for Adult Swim. After digging into how Alex Toth's fantastical superhero became the face of Cartoon Network's...


 2018-06-04  1h33m