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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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Hard To Kill

Steven Seagal was that action star that was very simple and was never really flashy with his moves. Hard To Kill was one of his earlier movies thats a simple revenge story. Nothing more, nothing less and it works. Entertaining movie all around.


 2014-03-22  1h24m

Point Break

With a plotline often duplicated by other movies but ony really succeeding once, Point Break is a very enjoyable, simple movie involving cops and robbers. Patrick Swayze is as charismatic as he always is and Keanu Reeves is pretty good as well despite...


 2014-03-18  1h22m

Broken Arrow

This movie is very conflicting. John Woo is coming off of Hard Target which had every staple of his Hong Kong action touch in it from the slow motion gunkata to the doves to the unlimited shootouts where nobody reloads. Broken Arrow on the other hand?...


 2014-03-10  1h14m

The Wash

The Wash is like a throwback to the old 1976 classic, Car Wash. You gets lots of crazy characters, cameo appearrances from celebs, and a paper thin plot.


 2014-03-03  1h10m

The Oral History of Rocafella Records

We talke mainly on Reasonable Doubt, Memphis Bleek sucking, Dame and Jigga's fallout, 50 Cent being a troll, how Dipset took over, Just Blaze, Jim Jones sucking as a writer and the Roc's collapse. Standard hip hop stuff. Must listen if you're a hip...


 2014-02-23  1h26m

Hot Boyz

Master P had an empire in No Limit records and love them or hate them, they cranked out some classics. So obviously doing movies with artists from the label is the next logical step. Hot Boyz is one of the movies that has a decent budget to it...


 2014-02-15  1h8m

Killa Season

You've seen plenty of movies that starred rappers but there was a time where rappers directed and starred in their own movies. Low budget as they were, these movies really weren't that good. In particular this one from one of our favorite rappers,...


 2014-02-09  1h8m

The Running Man

Another one of Arnold's classic 80's movies, this is one of his movies that had an all star cast of 80's action heroes from Jim Brown to Jessie Ventura. We even get good ole Richard Dawson himself playing the bad guy and he is sooo good at it.


 2014-02-01  1h27m

Batman: TAS/Batman Beyond

This is the series that EVERYBODY grew up on and is the definitive Batman properties that you have to watch. It appealed to everyone young and old and all the credit goes to Bruce Timm, Dini, and Co for crafting this awesome Batman universe.


 2014-01-23  2h19m

Dragonball Z- The Buu Saga Part 2

We finally made it to the end of DBZ. It was a long road but the show ended on a decent note. Lots of crazy fights still left and a finale where we get a hard fought fight between Goku and Kid Buu.


 2013-12-28  1h51m