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Dragonball Z- The Frieza Saga Part 1

Because we love Dragon Ball soooooo much we're back with the Frieza Saga. The saga that defined Dragon Ball Z. All the good and very bad of this anime formed from this saga. So let's get to it!


 2012-11-13  1h56m


Maybe the greatest hip-hop ever made. The geeks speak on this instant classic...and what the hell was so special about "Africa".


 2012-11-05  1h31m

Demolition Man

Quite possibly one of Sly's entertaining movie. Definitely different from the normal movies he's done. The humor was on point and the action that was there was definitely entertaining. Also, Wesley Snipes was clearly having fun as bad guy Simon...


 2012-10-30  1h28m


Cobra is a supremely underrated Stallone flick that not too many people talk about. On top of Stallone, you got Bridgett Nielson(back when she was the type of chick you wanted to bang) and then you got king of cheese and chewing the scenery, Brian...


 2012-10-30  58m

Halloween Special - Tales From The Hood

The movie that made the black horror genre suck a little less. Its comedy...the podcast and the movie. Not really scary...the movie not so much the podcast.


 2012-10-26  1h14m

House Party 3

This movie should've been like Class Act...funny and enjoyable but it wasn't. Instead we got a mediocre movie where the supporting cast(mainly Bernie Mac) end up carrying the movie. Nonetheless, despite the mediocrity, there are some funny moments.


 2012-10-26  1h14m

Class Act

Out of all four Kid N Play movies, this is an underrated gem. 


 2012-10-26  1h31m

House Party 2

Despite the plot being all over the place at times, this is still a fun and classic movie.


 2012-10-23  1h33m

House Party

It's Kid N Play month and whats a better way to kick it off than to talk about a solid and classic movie.


 2012-10-22  1h31m

Dragonball Z- The Saiyan Saga

Dragonball Z by miles is the 3BlackGeeks favorite anime. Now its time for us to go deep, deep, deep into Akira Toriyama's lovechild and create a lovechild with that one!


 2012-10-21  2h14m