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We play tabletop roleplaying games set in dark worlds and turn it into a podcast. Current campaign is "Curse of Strahd" for Dungeons & Dragons. New episode every Friday!

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episode 27: No Man is an Island 00-2: Paul

The second part of our session zero for "No Man is an Island" features Hjalmar who plays the character Paul Richards. What secrets does he carry, and why has the Second Inquisition chosen him to join their ranks? Find out below! Web: iTunes: Android: Youtube: Spotify: RSS: http://www.redmoonroleplaying...



episode 26: D&D: The Styes, Part 1: City on the Water

Issue 121 of the very much missed "Dungeon Magazine" contained a fantastic adventure for D&D 3rd edition called "The Styes", that took place in a dark and dreary port town plagued by mysterious murders. On Tuesday the 21st of May the new D&D 5th edition module "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" will be released and The Styes is one of the many classic adventures that have been included. To celebrate this new launch we made our own conversion of the old adventure and ran it as a one-shot...



episode 25: The Great Vilhaim Heist 05: The Tunnels

Our burglars enter the citadel.. or do they? What is this place? Game: Scarred Lands, Onyx Path Publishing for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Music by: Ager Sonus & Lesa Listvy, Cryo Chamber Web: iTunes: Android: Youtube: Spotify: RSS: Patreon:



episode 24: No Man is an Island 00-1: Francis

We are very proud to announce that today will see the start of our actual play chronicle for Vampire: the Masquerade 5th edition, that we call “No Man is an Island”. With Martin Ericsson, V5 creator and former Lead Storyteller at White Wolf at the helm, Craig Austin and Hjalmar Nordén are joined by Swedish writer and narrative designer Anna-Karin Linder, as their characters experience life and un-life from within the Second Inquisition...



episode 23: Help us win!

VOTE FOR RED MOON ROLEPLAYING! We have yet again been nominated for the greatest honor in the Swedish RPG scene, the Fenix Award for best podcast. Last year, thanks to your help we were able to finish second in a very competitive field. This year, well, you helped us reach #7 globally in En World, so can we take #1 in Sweden? With your help we think we can. Doing well here helps us reach more people, and reaching more people means we can create more content...



episode 22: The Great Vilhaim Heist 04: The Sorcerer

Emotions run high as the crew departs for the citadel to begin the heist. Can they trust their new companions? And what awaits out at sea? Game: Scarred Lands, Onyx Path Publishing for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Music by: Ager Sonus & Lesa Listvy, Cr



episode 21: The Great Vilhaim Heist 03: The Drunk

Our intrepid entrepreneurs find friends in low places and put the final pieces in place before embarking on their journey. What promises will be made? And which of those will actually be kept? Game: Scarred Lands, Onyx Path Publishing for Dungeons & Dra



episode 20: The Great Vilhaim Heist 02: The Serpent

Our motley crew heads to the port city of Low Dock in an attempt to procure a ship and assemble a crew. Will they find what they need? Or will this become the shortest heist ever attempted? Find out as "The Great Vilhaim Heist" continues! Game: Scarred



episode 19: KULT:And the Rocket's Red Glare, with Rollspelsklubben

"The Trump campaign is getting ready to make its final push towards the White House. For months, he has been playing to the basest urges of the American populace: the need for more. More safety, more money, more guns, more of everything. His followers hav



episode 18: The Great Vilhaim Heist 01: The Dragon

Over the coming few weeks we will be playing the adventure "The Great Vilhaim Heist" for Scarred Lands, a setting for Dungeons & Dragons by Onyx Path Publishing. We are again joined by The Gentleman Gamer Matthew Dawkins who will be our Dungeon Master for


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