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The Voicebot Podcast is about the intersection of voice and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is a weekly look at trends, founders and newsmakers and supplements the daily research, analysis and news found at

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episode 133: Mayo Clinic Discusses Voice Initiatives for Healthcare

Healthcare will be a big adopter of voice technology and voice assistants. Mayo Clinic is out front innovating around new and intriguing use cases which we discuss in today's show. Dr. Sandya Pruthi is a physician at Mayo Clinic focused on breast...



episode 132: CES 2020 Interviews with Audioburst, Nuheara, NPR and More

We have 10 interviews from the floor of CES 2020 offering the latest insights on voice assistants, voice services, and what to expect over the next year.  Gal Klein, CTO and co-founder of Audioburst (4:28) Audrey Arbeeney, founder and CEO of...



episode 131: 2020 Voice AI Predictions Part 2 on Voice App Architecture with Kelvie, McElreath and Ream

As promised, today I have part 2 of our 2020 predictions shows. Today, we take a deep dive into multiple conversations about voice app architecture. This is important because it determines how we develop for voice and what governs user...



episode 130: 2020 Voice AI Predictions Part 1 with Ware, Bass, and Lens-FitzGerald

Today we have part 1 of a two-part series on 2020 predictions with guests from Australia, the UK, and Holland.   I want to give a shoutout to all of the Voice Insider subscribers that offered their predictions for 2020. We had 46 of them in all...



episode 129: Patricia Scanlon CEO of Soapbox Labs

Patricia Scanlon is CEO and founder of Soapbox Labs, the leader in automated speech recognition for kids. You may have observed a child attempting to use an Alexa or Google Assistant device and noticed the success rate of those interactions was...



episode 128: 2019 Voice Year in Review with Jargon, Voxly, and Voicebot

2019 started out with unbounded optimism around voice technology with rapid smart speaker adoption and Google announcing over 1 billion devices supported the Assistant. It continued with Microsoft pulling Cortana from consumer use case and Samsung...



episode 127: Hearables and Voice with Dave Kemp and Andy Bellavia

What are hearables? They are wireless earbuds and headphones that provide always-available voice assistant access. Think AirPods, Pixel Buds, Echo Buds, Galaxy buds. At home, you have an always-listening smart speaker but on the go having that just in...


 2019-12-16  59m

episode 126: The Privacy and Security Episode with Molla, Mozer and Lens-FitzGerald

Privacy and security issues associated with voice assistants have been the biggest stories in the industry so far in 2019. Joining host Bret Kinsella are Rani Molla, the lead data reporter for Recode, Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, and Martin...


 2019-12-09  1h0m

episode 125: Jeff McMahon Voicify CEO on Voice and the Martech Stack

Jeff McMahon is CEO and co-founder of Voicify a voice app development platform designed for enterprise marketers. After a career in digital marketing as an agency founder, Jeff and his co-founders saw the need for voice app software that would...


 2019-12-01  1h1m

episode 124: Tom Hewitson CEO of Labworks Shares 10 Hot Takes from 2.5 Years in Voice

Tom Hewitson is CEO and founder of, a voice app studio in London known from some of the most popular games on Alexa such as Would You Rather, Trivia Hero, True or False and Mental Samurai hosted by actor Rob Lowe. In this week's episode,...


 2019-11-24  1h28m