The Europeans

Fed up with all the Trumpy news from the USA or the Brexit-y news from Britain? Well you've come to the right place. Each week we trawl the continent of Europe for the most interesting stories to cover and the most fascinating people to interview. This semi-serious, semi-silly, Brexit-free show, from a reporter in Paris and an opera singer in Amsterdam, will make you seem clever to friends and make you feel like you've got two NEW friends in Katy and Dominic. You probably didn't realise you needed a European podcast in your life, but this will fill the gap that you didn't even know was there.

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President of the European what now?

This week we travel to the heart of the continent to ask: who is Ursula, and should you give a damn about her?This special episode was made with help from the European Cultural Foundation, who support projects that promote Europe as an open and democratic space.Liked the show? Please leave us a review or help keep us going by chipping in to our Patreon fund at for listening.Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |



Europe's colonial past and present

Europe's museums are facing growing calls to give back treasures stolen during the colonial era. But what about colonial hand-me-downs that can be found in ordinary households? Elliot Ross, who covers Everyday Colonialism for The Correspondent, is here to explain why this ugly part of our past is still very much a part of our present. We're also talking about a scandal that has been rocking Iceland and nuggets of good news for the planet...



Postcards from Europe: Herstedvester

For this special episode, we're taking you inside Herstedvester, a maximum-security prison in Denmark.Herstedvester houses prisoners with serious mental health issues, as well as those who are considered a danger to others. Lene Bech Sillesen went to meet some inmates who are facing a choice with drastic consequences.This is the first in our new series of original reported podcasts, Postcards from Europe, featuring intimate portraits of lives and places across the continent...



The Other Europeans

This week we’re celebrating Europeans who refused to let boundaries get in the way of things. The historian Orlando Figes is here to talk about the continent-crossing lovers at the heart of his new book, the brilliantly-named ‘The Europeans’. The poet Christopher Hütmannsberger reads us a beautiful new work to mark 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Plus, wild borders and the Gentle Revolution...




This week, the fight for Romania's forests. Two of the country's forest rangers have been suffered brutal deaths since September. Who would do such a thing? The answer may lie in the lucrative illegal trade for wood in Romania, home to more than half of Europe's remaining primeval forests. Environmental activist Gabi Paun is here to explain why protecting trees has become so dangerous. We're also talking about Belgium's first female PM and wounded French pride...


 2019-11-05  23m

A Polish teenage diarist 

Renia's diary spent decades locked in a bank vault. Like many teenagers, she had used it to vent about stupid fights with her friends and to record the thrill of her first kiss. And when the war came, she used it to document the relentless killing of Jews in the town where she lived. Ania Jakubek is on the line from Warsaw to tell us the extraordinary story of Renia Spiegel, and why it stayed unknown for so long. We're also talking about promising signs that Europeans are becoming less bigoted...


 2019-10-29  31m

Invisible ink

This week, the female writers that Europe forgot. Carme Font Paz is leading a fascinating project aimed at uncovering the scribblings of European women from centuries ago and giving them their rightful place in the literary canon. Plus, Poland's election, posthumous comedy and why the EU won't be expanding east any time soon.You can find out more about Carme's project here...


 2019-10-22  28m

Toxic elements

This week, the fight for LGBT rights in Poland. A horrible pattern has been repeating itself in Polish cities: far-right thugs turning up to hurl eggs, bottles, blows and insults at Pride protesters. Our guest, the poet and novelist Jacek Dehnel, is on the line from Warsaw to reflect on what bishops and politicians have to do with it, as well as why there are reasons for hope. Plus, nitrogen and warm-hearted drug smugglers...


 2019-10-08  30m


This week, the beauty of the Irish language. Our guest is Darach Ó Séaghdha, whose wonderful book and podcast are a celebration of a language that may only have about 74,000 daily speakers but is very much alive and kicking. Also: the right to be forgotten, the Ukrainian side of the Trump impeachment inquiry, and treasures hidden in plain sight.Check out Darach's book, 'Motherfoclóir: Dispatches from a Not So Dead Language' and his podcast of the same name...


 2019-10-01  29m

The Tourists of Venice

How does a city of little more than 50,000 permanent residents deal with an annual stampede of 25 million tourists? Venice is an extreme example of the growing scourge of overtourism across Europe. We talk to one of the residents organising a fightback, Elena Riu of the Gruppo 25 aprile. Also this week: #ClimateStrike, Rammstein and skydiving in your nineties.

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 2019-09-24  24m