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Brunch with Brent: Alan Pope

Brent sits down with Alan Pope (popey), who shares his knack for fuzzy-testing, the beginnings of Ubuntu Podcast, insights into Ubuntu Touch and Unity, the joys and perils of being "Internet Famous", and how to contribute meaningfully to your favorite Linux distributions.


 2019-12-10  59m

411 DevSecOps: Karthik Gaekwad

Ell and Wes sit down with Karthik Gaekwad to sort through the buzzword bingo and explain what DevSecOps is, what it isn’t, and why security should be part of the full lifecycle of your apps.


 2019-12-06  17m

Brunch with Brent: Rocco

Brent sits down with Rocco of Big Daddy Linux for a conversation about the origins of Linux Spotlight, some shared behind-the-scenes podcasting perspectives, and just how great we feel about our Linux community.


 2019-12-03  49m

Brunch with Brent: Jacob Roecker

Brent sits down with Jacob Roecker, long-time Jupiter Broadcasting community member and Bronze Star Medal decorated United States Army veteran. Jacob shares his journey from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan through to dealing with PTSD, and how Jupiter Broadcasting and it's community was integral throughout.


 2019-11-26  1h13m

Popey on Thinkpads

Chz sits down with Alan Pope (Popey) to discuss his thoughts about Thinkpads, and why they might be the perfect Linux laptop. Find out what those model numbers really mean, plus our tips for picking which one is right for you.


 2019-11-22  40m

Brunch with Brent: Emma Marshall

Brent sits down with Emma Marshall, Customer Happiness Manager at System76 for a fun chat touching on her love of pinball and puppies, spreading happiness, women in tech, and more.


 2019-11-19  55m

Hackers Mental Health

Ell and Wes sit down with Megan Roddie from Hackers Mental Health about neurodiversity in tech and the importance of peer support.


 2019-11-15  20m

Brunch with Brent: A Chat with Jill Bryant Ryniker

Brent sits down with Jill Bryant Ryniker, long time Linux aficionado, for a connective conversation exploring her deep involvement in Linux and open source, from community to professional animation and more.


 2019-11-12  56m

Threat Hunting 101

Ell and Wes sit down to talk with Kyle Hubert and Lou Stella about real world threat hunting.


 2019-11-05  27m

Brunch with Brent: A Chat with Martin Wimpress

Brent sits down with Martin Wimpress, co-founder and project lead for Ubuntu MATE, Director of Ubuntu Desktop at Canonical, and co-host of Ubuntu Podcast.


 2019-11-04  1h2m