8 Bit Book Club

The only book club that makes you dumber! Join Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner for a weekly chat about video game novels.


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Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear (Part 2)

The club concludes their two week epic reading of a 60 page book for children. Murph defends his platonic love of critters, Emily recounts the time she bullied him for wearing a long sleeved Jack Skellington t-shirt, and Caldwell says "RoboDaddy" dozens of times.


 2017-11-09  1h2m

Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear

The club does a live reading of a Sonic children's book. Caldwell introduces original character "Caldwell Prower" and Emily questions Murph's love of critters.


 2017-11-02  58m

Silent Hill: The Movie

The club watches a spooky video game movie because it's almost HALLOWEEN... and they don't want to read a book.


 2017-10-27  1h13m

World of Warcraft: The Shattering: The Prelude to Cataclysm (Part 3)

The club finishes a big boy book about Warcraft! Emily continues her war against brownies and picks a fight with Charlie Brown.


 2017-10-20  1h16m

World of Warcraft: The Shattering: The Prelude to Cataclysm (Part 2)

The club returns to Azeroth, but gets side-tracked immediately when Emily goes on a long rant about how she's never seen someone eat a brownie (??????). Caldwell ponders which energy drink best encapsulates the essence of Garrush Hellscream and Murph introduces "Murph's Gurph's," a new segment to redact his goofs.


 2017-10-13  1h11m

World of Warcraft: The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm

THE BOOK BUDS ARE BACK! The club travels to Orgrimmar, aka New Orc City for some POLITICAL INTRIGUE! Caldwell introduces another exciting edition of Caldwell's Word Corner, Emily gets really into britches, and Murph struggles to say the phrase "Horde waters" with his Jersey accent.


 2017-10-06  1h3m


The club is going on a summer hiatus, but we'll be back in the Fall! Possibly in a new format!


 2017-06-05  1m

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dragons But Were Afraid to Ask

The club cracks open the D&D Monster Manual to learn about dragons -- their mating habits, personality-types, and treasure preferences. Emily tries more than once to mimic the sound of a "dragon greeting."


 2017-05-24  49m

Super Mario Adventure Book: Koopa Capers (Part 2)

The club continues the most difficult, nonsensical, foot-worshipping Nintendo adventure book to date. Featuring a giant goomba with shaved legs, Magmagate Part 2, and Luigi drinking orange juice in his uncle's pool.


 2017-05-17  1h10m

Super Mario Adventure Book: Koopa Capers

After Wendy O. Koopa goes missing, King Koopa buries his turtle pride and asks Luigi to find her. Can everybody's second favorite plumber save the day? THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL 8 BIT BOOK CLUB OF ALL TIME.


 2017-05-09  1h5m