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The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.

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QnA: Fridges and impossible food

In this month's QnA show we're asking: why are fridges harder to open again after you just closed them? What's the best way to wipe the memory of a smart phone? And what might climate change mean for chocolate? We're answering your ...



A Spin Around the Electron

This week we're taking a spin around the electron! How does a fridge magnet stay stuck? And how can quantum physics help us in battling cancer? We'll find out. Plus in the news, the chemistry of breaking down microplastics, exploring bacteria...



Flying into the Future

This week, The Naked Scientists are taking off into the future of aviation: will flights get faster? Could we see a fully electric plane? And can a Naked Scientist land a commercial aircraft? Izzie Clarke and Adam Murphy find out Plus, in the news,...



The Moon Landing: 50 Years Later

This week a special show celebrating 50 years since man first walked on the Moon! How did we get there, what happened on the Moon, and will we ever go back?...



Simulation Science: Living in The Matrix?

This week, could we be living in The Matrix? We're talking about the power of computer simulations, and we're asking are we all living in one! Plus, in the news - making diabetes treatment smarter; diagnosis by an electronic doctor - would y...


 2019-07-16  59m

Alzheimer's Disease: Facts and Fiction

This week, Alzheimer's Disease goes under the microscope: what is it? Why do people get it, and can we cure it? Plus in the news, why the planet needs more trees, a breakthrough in storing computer data, and the science of a good excuse! For more...


 2019-07-09  57m

Extremely High: Sky high science

We're rounding off our month of extreme shows - coping with altitude, flying over Everest, high energy physics and screaming in space! Plus, sniffing out Methane on Mars, and the scientists making sweet music with proteins......


 2019-07-02  59m

Extremely Deep: Mining for gold

Extremes month continues, and this week we're going extremely deep; Chris Smith takes a trip to one of the world's deepest mines in search of gold. Plus, in the news, the GM mosquito that wipes out its own population, and would you return a l...


 2019-06-25  57m

Extremely Curious: QnA

For extremes month we have an extreme QnA! This week we're joined by astronomer Carolin Crawford, nanoscientist Colm Durkan, Haydn Belfield from the Centre for Existential Risk, and chemist Ljiljana Fruk.


 2019-06-18  55m

Extremely Cold: Cool Science

This week, we're continuing our month of science at the extremes, by looking at extreme cold. Including expeditions to the poles, what happens at absolute zero, and the animals that can survive temperatures we never could. Plus, in the news, the m...


 2019-06-11  52m