A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss

"A Magical Life" by Magic Barclay is dedicated to helping you heal. Are you struggling with major health issues? Sick of being sick? Tired of being tired? In this podcast we will cover the strategies you need to take control back of your health, including physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and more! You will find support and proven strategies and leave feeling inspired and motivated. For more information on how to work with me, check out http://www.wholisticnaturalhealth.com.au/


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episode 1: When Life Gets In The Way

Welcome to A Magical Life: health, wealth and weight loss. I'm Magic Barclay, your host. Today we'll just be introducing this podcast, what it's all about, and a little about me.

Some of my health history:

  • 15 years ago, I found myself morbidly obese at 144 kilos. 
  • I was a mum of two kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I was raising them virtually alone. I was becoming unwell with multiple lifelong health conditions...


 2020-06-23  31m

episode 2: Listening To Yourself with Sarah Decker [transcript]

Today I have with me Sarah Decker, Podcast Manager, teacher, wife, and mom.  She holds several music degrees including a Master's in Music Composition for the Screen and she's using those skills to edit, produce, and manage podcasts, like mine!

I'm a big believer in, "Put it out there, and it will happen." For me, I put it out there in a Facebook group that I have been wanting to start a podcast, and up popped Sarah with a solution...


 2020-06-30  26m

episode 3: Family As A Value with Karen Kamenwa [transcript]

Today's guest is Karen Kamenwa who is an entrepreneur, certified online business manager, business coach, and Amazon best selling author of "Stay At Home Moms Making Money: The Seven Steps to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business." Karen has spent the last 10 years mastering the Art of running a successful virtual assistant business, while raising her two sons...


 2020-07-01  21m

episode 4: Resilience with Kenna Dean [transcript]

My guest today is Kenna Dean, former actress and founder of KDean Consulting, which specializes in sales coaching and helping people to become more persuasive, have more presence, and make more of an impact in their career and in their life.  Kenna juggled motherhood and running her own business, and grew that business to 7 figures per year with 11 full time employees.  She didn't have much support early in life, so she learned how to be resilient and choose action over being the victim...


 2020-07-01  32m

episode 5: Habits with Sharee Shefket [transcript]

Today I have with me Sharee Shefket, mindset expert and founder of Wellness Coaching Company.  Sharee was a counselor for 16 years before moving into the disability sector, then transitioned into hypnotherapy.  She is a certified HypnoFit therapist and she runs a busy clinic and will soon be releasing a self development book for children.

Sharee works her clients through emotional blocks, which often have very real consequences within the body...


 2020-07-01  24m

episode 7: Connection to Self and Others with Genaaleen Sanchez [transcript]

Today I have with me Genaaleen Sanchez, a Results Mindset and Well-being Coach, and an agent of change both in business and in life.  Genaaleen found herself a single mom in her mid-20s, but she turned that uncertainty into a mission of discovery and self empowerment.  She has made it her mission to empower people to lead from their hearts reconnect to their humanity, love their lives and live their dream...


 2020-07-01  33m

episode 8: The 7 Things Kids Need To Hear You Say

In the world we live in, it can be hard to find the time to spend with our kids.  Mom and dad guilt is high and relationships and health can get strained.  Here are 7 things your kids need to hear you say:

  1. "As long as you did your best."  Winning isn't everything and failures are a part of life.  It's nothing to get stressed out about - just reassure them that they did the best they could with the resources they had at the time...


 2020-07-01  13m

episode 9: Building Health and Wealth Out Of Disaster with Cammy Wang [transcript]

Today we are joined by Cammy Wang. Cammy is a lifelong educator with a highly diverse academic and career background. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. She has her master's in education and a juris doctorate. I'll have to ask what that is. Sounds very interesting. Cammy's broad career interests have given her the opportunity to work in many fields including education, law, financial services, business, government, entertainment and hospitality...


 2020-07-01  38m

episode 10: It's Just Cancer with Sophie Woodcock [transcript]

Today I have the lovely Sophie Woodcock on to discuss her experience with cancer.  Sophie is a great personal friend of mine, animal advocate, and cancer warrior, as well as one of my clients.  Today we discuss the emotional and mental impact of a diagnosis and what friends and family can do to help.

In our experience, we have found that about half of your friends will disappear when they hear your diagnosis...


 2020-07-01  23m

episode 11: Listener question: Nutritional Choices for Families

Feeding a fussy family can be daunting.  Different nutritional needs such as allergies and varying diets such as vegan, vegetarian and others can make it very difficult to plan meals for a family without cooking 5 or 6 different meals.  So what can we do?

I have 2 picky eaters, one with food allergies, and I eat a plant-based diet.  Here are my top tips for making sound nutritional choices for a picky family:

1. Involve everyone in the meal planning...


 2020-07-08  34m