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The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future – especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. Multiple episodes are released every week; visit a16z.com for more details and to sign up for our newsletters and other content as well!


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episode 644: How 'Hyperscalers' are Innovating — and Competing — in the Data Center

Innovation in the data center has been constrained by the traditional model of suppliers providing fixed-function chips that limit how much the biggest data center operators can differentiate. But programmable chips have emerged that allow these companies to not only increase performance, but innovate throughout the pipeline, from operating system to networking interface to user application...


 2021-12-10  24m

episode 643: Kickstarting Network Effects

  • What are network effects? [1:32]
  • How do you cold start and get your first users? [2:33]
  • Atomic networks and why minimum viable community is more important than minimum viable product [6:36]
  • How do you curate your network and set norms? [8:42]
  • Faking users: good idea, bad idea? [13:13]
  • What is flintstoning? [14:26]
  • How does the relationship to creators change as you scale? [17:07]
  • Building for the professional creator class...


 2021-12-06  31m

episode 642: NFTs, Explained

with @jessewldn @ljxie @smc90 Everything you need or want to know about NFTs (or to help others understand NFTs.) Cuts through the noise to share the signal: covering what NFTs are, the underlying crypto big picture, and then specifically what forms they take; addressing common myths and misconceptions from “just a JPG” to the question of energy use; sharing briefly how NFTs work; providing a quick overview of the players/ ecosystem; and throughout, discussing various applications too...


 2021-11-25  56m

episode 641: Play-to-Earn Gaming and How Work is Evolving in Web3

In today's episode we’re talking about an emerging model of gaming called play to earn, in which players can make actual money based on how much time and effort they put into a game. Play to earn is also part of broader trends — the changing relationship between players and platforms, new incentives for participants in blockchain-based networks, and the new internet era that is coming to be known as a web3...


 2021-11-11  23m

episode 640: On container ships, supply chains, and the physical world

@smc90 reads out loud @typesfast essay on container ships, supply chains, standardization, and a software layer over the physical world


 2021-11-02  16m

episode 639: Crypto Security and the New Web3 Mindsets for Users

Today’s episode is all about crypto security — that is, the new mindsets and the new strategies for storing crypto assets safely while also allowing holders control and access. As a reminder, none of the following should be taken as investment advice, please see a16z.com/disclosures for more important information. We’ve covered security trends more broadly a ton in our content, which you can find at a16z...


 2021-10-15  31m

episode 638: Cloud Wars and Company Wars: Play Nice But Win

with @michaeldell @martin_casado @pmarca @smc90 It's rare to see a company go public then private then back to public again, as Dell Technologies did -- and which also pulled off one of the most epic mergers of all time with Dell + EMC + VMWare...


 2021-10-02  52m

episode 637: Uncontrolled Spread: Science, Policy, Institutions, Infrastructure

with @ScottGottliebMD @pmarca @vintweeta @vijaypande @smc90 We were at an inflection point with the COVID pandemic, between old and new tech, science institutions, public health policy, more. So what can we learn from the past for the future? Former head of the FDA Dr...


 2021-09-20  56m

episode 636: Systems Leadership for Disruptors and Incumbents

with @robsiegel @jeffimmelt @jeff_jordan @smc90 There's been a false dichotomy in technology and management lore over the past decade, between "brain" and "brawn", digital and physical, independence and interdependence, software culture versus industrial culture… Whether you're an early startup or a Fortune 500 company, today's leaders have to think completely differently, in terms of ecosystems; and they're often in the position of having to influence but not have control...


 2021-07-24  48m

episode 635: NFT Use Cases, Today and Tomorrow

Recently, a16z and the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research hosted the NFT Virtual Summit, which brought together leading thinkers and builders on the topic of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens — these tokens are enabling new creator and ownership economies to emerge. We’ve covered NFTs in other podcasts and articles, including a curated list of reading resources...


 2021-05-19  19m