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The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future – especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. Multiple episodes are released every week; visit a16z.com for more details and to sign up for our newsletters and other content as well!


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episode 526: Labs for Diagnostics: Then, Now, and Next

with Dave King, @JorgeCondeBio, and @omnivorousread In this episode with Dave King, Executive Chairman of Lab Corp (one of the largest clinical lab networks in the world) and a16z's General Partner Jorge Conde and Hanne Tidnam, we cover the evolution of the modern lab over the past 50 years, especially as new technologies and new tests are added; how tests go from specialized to mainstream and widely available; and who pays for most tests and how reimbursement affects all this.



episode 525: How a16z's Crypto Startup School Went Remote

with @kimbatronic @jesswldn @zoranbasich We open up and share an internal, hallway style (though all remote) conversation about how a16z Crypto Startup School suddenly had to go remote, given community spread of the novel coronavirus. How are we learning about virtual learning and collaboration in a new, uncharted world?



episode 524: Drowning in Debt, Eager to Share: When Fintech Meets Social

with @illscience @DCoolican & @laurenmurrow While revealing one's financial info was once considered taboo, now people are more apt than ever to openly discuss money and debt on online platforms (#debtfreejourney). In this episode, we discuss why the "holy grail" of social plus fintech is so challenging, which products and companies are taking advantage of it, and how that shift is being driven by subcultures online.



episode 523: Innovation Through Software Development and IT

with @nicolefv @jezhumble @smc90 One of the recurring themes we talk about a lot is how software changes organizations, and vice versa. But we've come a long way from the question of "does IT matter" to answering the question of what org structures, processes, architectures, and roles DO matter when it comes to companies -- of all sizes -- innovating through software and more.



episode 522: The Open Source CIO

Red Hat CIO Mike Kelly and a16z General Partner Peter Levine discuss the latest trends in open source SaaS and what CIOs today need to be considering, from enterprise architecture models to M&A.


 2020-02-28  20m

episode 521: Novel Coronavirus Updates: How Healthcare System, Tests Work; More

This is last week's episode of 16 Minutes on the news from a16z, which we are cross-posting here now -- with most recent updates added in the intro -- given that the topic of *health system preparedness* and community spread is top of mind for many right now.


 2020-02-27  21m

episode 520: Metrics and Mindsets for Retention & Engagement

with @andrewchen @jeff_jordan @smc90 What happens as marketplaces and other platforms evolve over time, and different kinds of users also join over time? After user acquisition, it's all about user retention and engagement. So what are the key metrics?


 2020-02-20  33m

episode 518: Tough Love, Global Diplomacy, and Lessons on Leadership

Susan Rice is interviewed by a16z General Partner Kathryn Haun. Rice, the former National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., learned early in life the importance of toughness in the face of adversity. In this discussion, she shares many more lessons from her personal life and career, including how to stay calm during crises, not letting others define you, and work-life balance.


 2020-02-14  50m

episode 519: Building the First CAR T Company

CAR T therapy, the groundbreaking new medicines that uses engineered T-cells to attack cancer, has been so effective in childhood leukemias that we believe it may actually be a potential cure. But this isn't just one new medicine, it's an entirely new therapeutic tool—and a total paradigm shift from most traditional medicines we've seen before.


 2020-02-07  28m

episode 517: Rebel Talent

with @francescagino and @omnivorousread In this episode of the a16z Podcast, Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino, a social scientist who studies organizations, breaks down what makes rebels different in how they tend to see and do things—whether that’s cooking, flying planes, or holding board meetings—and what we can all learn from “rebel talent” to make our organizations more productive and innovative.


 2020-02-04  33m