Abroad in Japan

Independent filmmaker Chris Broad brings you his multi-award winning YouTube channel Abroad In Japan in podcast form. Aided by broadcaster Pete Donaldson, they bring you a taste of life in the most unique country in the world, from great cuisine to capsule hotels, current events and tips on how to spend your time there.


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Japan Vs. Korea - 10 ways they’re different

Chris and Pete are back together, and they're sharing their experiences on recent trips to Korea. It won't surprise you to hear that Coolish gets a mention.  Do get in touch: abroadinjapanpodcast@gmail.com&nbs...


 2018-08-22  59m

Japan's most ridiculous festival - explained

Chris and Pete are back, in the loosest sense of the word to talk all things festivals, soy sauce and wrestling. A mixed bag, then.  Next week: the Korea vs Japan special and everything will be back to normal.  Well, as normal as ...


 2018-08-15  36m

Is Japanese KFC the best in the world?

Chris' popcorn chicken levels are almost dangerously low. KFC's new all you can eat in forty-five minutes offer is of no use, though. Rubbish. Do get in touch with your questions/erotic drawings: abroadinjapanpodcast@gmail.com...


 2018-08-08  28m

Flying a drone in Japan - how hard is it?

Chris has finally taken the plunge and bought himself some primo drone tech. Look out, power lines - our man is set to slice and dice. In other news a man gets thrown off his own private island and Chris answers your questions.  Do get in to...


 2018-08-01  35m

Buying friends in Japan - a good idea?

In this episode, Harry Potter fawns over a top London radio DJ, K-pop gets a bit of love and Chris tells us what he'd have in a food-based care package. Spoiler: it's loads of crisps. Do get in touch: abroadinjapanpodcast@gmail.com...


 2018-07-25  37m

Natural disasters: is Japan safe?

Chris and Pete touch on the recent seismic and atmospheric activity and ask the question...is Japan safe? Pete goes on for ages about oyster ice creams, and Chris educates us all on bear safety. Important stuff. Do get in touch, won't you?...


 2018-07-18  36m

Large Earthquake Ruins Natsuki’s Day

Chris films in a Pachinko parlour, and gets caught up in a rather robust quake. He also debuts his new character, 'American Man'.  Do get in touch: abroadinjapanpodcast@gmail.com  More Abroad In Japan shows availa...


 2018-07-11  31m

The fax machine

Our favourite piece of office equipment whirrs into life as Pete educates Chris on sexy rope-play, and Chris helps out a left-hander. Something for everyone, there. Do get in touch: abroadinjapanpodcast@gmail.com  More Abroad In Jap...


 2018-07-04  32m

The last hurrah of the imbeciles

Pete and Chris have returned and they're getting a little musical as they wax lyrical about some of their favourite bands. Also, Mr Broad has supped on the clear Coke goodness and is less than impressed...  Do get in touch: abr...


 2018-06-27  45m

Hot for teacher!

Pete and Chris are back rating their favourite Kit-Kat flavours and taking a look at this week's news. Warning: contains Tab Clear. Do get in touch: abroadinjapanpodcast@gmail.com  More Abroad In Japan shows available below, su...


 2018-06-20  40m