Abruptly with Preeti

Welcome to the 'Struggle Series' where Preeti Shah takes you into the homes and minds of people weathering a pandemic while they rediscover themselves in lockdown. This is a series of popular short stories about families and modern couples in the anxious months of social distancing and quarantines. To find more stories like these, visit Preeti's Instagram and Facebook accounts @storiesbypreeti or her website at www.preetishah.com | You can also let her know your thoughts on the stories by emailing here: preeti@colouredchalk.in | Subscribe to the podcast to listen to every episode as they come out on Mondays and Thursdays every week!


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episode 13: S02 Ep 13: My First Paycheck | The Grey Choices

Sumit had long dreamt of working as an engineer in an MNC. And, finally he was able to get his dream job. But living his dream came with a grey choice.


 2021-12-30  8m

episode 12: S02 Ep 12: First Concert | The Grey Choices

Meher always wanted to attend a live music concert and her desire to experience one increased after she moved to a new city. But six months ago she had never imagined about how her first concert would come about. Listen to the story of Meher's first concert and her grey choice here...


 2021-12-29  7m

episode 11: S02 Ep 11: First Date | The Grey Choices

Ananya was both thrilled and desperate to start dating but her first date was only possible with a grey choice? Listen to her story here...


 2021-12-01  8m

episode 10: S02 Ep 10: First Case | The Grey Choices

Aditya Rao desperately needed to win his first case to establish himself as an independent advocate. But he had never imaged the desperate step would have to take to secure the win.


 2021-07-29  7m

episode 9: S02 Ep 09: My First Drink | The Grey Choices

Coming from a family of teetotallers, Sumer was visibly excited about tasting his first drink and couldn’t wait to recount it for his friend, Aryan. While he boasted about the experience, he only left our one grey detail.....


 2021-07-22  7m

episode 8: S02 Ep 08: Cooking Up A Storm | The Grey Choices

The show had started and Rashmi was thrilled to see herself competing with the other skilled home chefs. However, Rashmi’s coy smile was camouflaging her deception.


 2021-07-15  7m

episode 7: S02 Ep 07: Too Good To Be True | The Grey Choices

Alisha's relationship with Dhruv was complicated, one that was difficult for her to understand. She wondered what was it that kept her hooked on to Dhruv, even when he became indifferent to her.


 2021-07-08  6m

episode 6: S02 Ep 06: First Steps | The Grey Choices

Arjun and Aditi had managed to get their daughter into one of the best kindergartens in the city. But Arjun couldn’t help feel uneasy about his wife’s desperate move to secure the admission for their child


 2021-07-01  6m

episode 5: S02 Ep 05: My First Break | The Grey Choices

This was Mannat’s break in the world of acting but she wasn’t really certain why her heartbeat was racing. Was it the jitters before facing the camera for the first time? Or was it the guilt?


 2021-06-26  6m

episode 4: S02 Ep 04: My Happy Place | The Grey Choices

Kabir had long desired to own his first house and after five years, he was finally able to make his dream a reality. But the path to buying his first home in Mumbai wasn't without making some grey choices.


 2021-06-17  6m