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episode 425: Hey Billionaire

Oracle v. Google, Tim Cook's interview, the next Apple CEO, and BMW vs. CarPlay.



episode 424: Ethernet Squid

WWDC's announcement, WatchConnectivity, read-only Twitter apps, Ubiquiti's trouble, network-switch fashion, and the latest hot news about cryptocurrency.



episode 423: Fort of Homepods

Our walls are full of pipes and wires, our wheels are covered in spray paint, our photos have left the filesystem behind, and our HomePods need to lose a few amps.



episode 422: Sell a Third Box

MagSafe in the car, more on family sharing, hope for colorful Macs, and a fond farewell to the HomePod.



episode 421: The First Miniboss

A farewell to the iMac Pro (and a tire), the state of iCloud family awareness, scam pricing in the App Store, and the Halloween costume that may never be.


 2021-03-11  2h4m

episode 420: I Have No Urge to Speak

Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Overcast's latest update, how Swift is going, whether Electron apps are really that bad, and Apple's rumored car thing.


 2021-03-04  2h15m

episode 419: This Week’s Gasp

John tried Clubhouse.


 2021-02-25  2h14m

episode 418: Dangerously Close to Being on a Phone Call

Clubhouse, the Contacts API, iPhone 13 rumors, and somebody's new drone.


 2021-02-18  2h21m

episode 417: Sand and Water Interface

Beaches, California, resolved Apple drama, SSD wear, Docker, Tesla, Siri's music-service setting, timers on the Apple Watch, the AR rumor, corporate device management, prized personal media files, app-keyword spam, and puppy training. (Is that all?)


 2021-02-11  2h23m

episode 416: I Will Take Away Those Kudos

Tech nostalgia, Apple developer drama, a special bug report, pro cameras, Tesla, Siri, filesystems, backups, and e-bikes: a typical ATP episode.


 2021-02-04  2h7m