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Bruce Lee _ A Legendary Man

Bruce Lee A legendary man. Bruce Lee Gliding across the sand. Bruce Lee His fight he has won. Bruce Lee A Kung Fu Champion. .... Song by: Gail Nobles copyright © 2016 First recorded and published at Youtube in 2011. Photo Credit: Wikimedia...


 2016-11-27  4m

Willie Jr. Afterlife

People say life is what you make it, but sometimes we make it hard for each other and sometimes for ourselves. I'm thinking of a man named Willie Jr. He had everything a man could want in life. Song and Story by: Gail Nobles Copyright © 2016 Music...


 2016-11-12  3m

Audio Adventure 2 _ James Brown

This isn't a James Brown song, but I have him in mind today as I keep holding on. Song by: Gail Nobles copyright © 2016 All voices by: Gail Nobles Keyboard Player: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


 2016-10-20  2m

My Audio Adventure _ James Brown

There is an autobiography titled: James Brown The Godfather of Soul. James Brown wrote a book..... Male actor vocal: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


 2016-10-14  2m

Otis Redding – Memories

Story by: Gail Nobles © 2016 Song by: Gail Nobles Male Actor: Gail Nobles Sounds by: Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain When I was a little girl, I remember my daddy. He use to play Otis Redding's song, "Sitting On...


 2016-09-17  2m

Otis Redding Intro Tribute

Story by: Gail Nobles Song by: Gail Nobles Male Actor: Gail Nobles © 2016 Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain Hello, I'm here to share a little memory with you about a singer named Otis Redding. The male actor is by me, Gail Nobles....


 2016-09-17  1m

Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood _ The Crossroads

Story by: Gail Nobles Music by: Smoking Gun Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Sounds by: Police Scanner by:


 2016-09-04  2m

Remembering Kid N Play

Podcast by: Gail Nobles Artwork by: Gail Nobles March 11, 2016 Gail Nobles with Dancin feet on the groove line, And tonight's topic is Kid N Play. Kid n play is a very Known hip hop group from New York City. They were very popular in...


 2016-03-12  2m

LL Cool J _ Radio Man _GN Podcast

My discussion today is about LL Cool J. Before he wrote the lyrics I'm Bad, I knew that he was bad. My favorite rap song by LL is Radio, and in my mind he is the radio man. LL Cool J means Ladies Love Cool James. When I first heard his rap Radio,...


 2016-02-08  1m