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Adam Stoner produces audio, digital, and design content for the UK's children's radio station, Fun Kids, where I also make podcasts Mysteries of Science and Activity Quest. Boom Radio, RadioDNS, BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Digital Radio UK have all employed me as their freelance designer. If you'd like to hire me to work on your project, get in touch. Interested in sustainability and purpose-before-profit, I'm an investor in BrewDog, Black Bee Honey and The Wild Beer Co and have founded multi-award winning social enterprise initiatives with the same values in mind. Preferring newsletters and podcasts over social media, my monthly missives recap what I've been doing as well as what I've been listening to, reading, watching, and procuring. The next issue publishes September 1st. You can hear it here or get it as a newsletter at Email me:

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Who is Adam Stoner?

Hello, my name's Adam ???? 

I've got a first class BA (Hons) degree in Radio Production and work at Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, where I produce podcasts Activity Quest, The Week Junior Show, Mysteries of Science and look after many more.

I also freelance as a graphic and brand designer and have worked with clients including Boom Radio, RadioDNS, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Digital Radio UK, and Clearwater Hampers...


 2021-05-31  1m


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My life has always been marked by distinct phases and cycles of time; a flow of death and rebirth and reinvention; a constant redefining and mis- and re-understanding of what it means to be me.

The closest comparison to these cycles that I can think of comes from music marketing...


 2021-05-21  3m

I don't need to have an opinion about everything

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It is in our power to have no opinion about a thing, and not to be disturbed in our soul; for things themselves have no natural power to form our judgments. – Marcus Aurelius (Meditations 6.52)

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor and philosopher whose musings on life have transcended centuries. I'm not sure who came up with this next one but I'm sure it'll live just as long.....


 2021-05-17  5m


It's 2018 and I've just purchased a Doxie portable scanneron the recomendation of Ryan. Although it won't happen for another two years, my family are gearing up to move house and I am systematically scanning then permanently destroying every bit of paper I have...


 2021-05-04  5m

Noah Kalina, Kraig Adams, Prince Philip

As hospitality and service sectors both in the UK and around the world reopen, it feels a little like the theatre curtain is lifting – not after interval (with sticky ice-cream fingers and some slight discomfort because the line for the restroom was too long to even bother) – but at the start of the show. 

The return to normality has been most marked by the headlines...


 2021-04-27  12m


There are very few events that warrant the complete seizure of attention that the death of Prince Philip had on the news agenda just yesterday.

I don’t have a living memory of 9/11 or 7/7 so at the age of 25 the death of Prince Philip — and the almost disaster-movie-like interruption of the media schedule for it – is the closest thing I’ve gotten to what feels like a world-stopping moment. Even the truly world-stopping pandemic had its press conferences scheduled...


 2021-04-10  2m

Changing my mind in public

I've always reserved the right to change my mind and do so publicly. It's just easier.

When quizzed on their opinions, I've seen friends make split-second decisions that, when given longer to think about, they plainly disagree with. For fear of being seen as a hypocrite, they continue down the path of their original argument and make a mountain fit to die on...


 2021-04-04  4m

Vaccinations, Mysteries of Science, Vanilla Ice

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Spring reminds me of optimism – everything's coming back to life after a period of downtime – and around work and writing, I've been doing a lot of reflection on where we've all come from since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak last year. 

As I mentioned months ago, I've been learning more about astronomy this year, namely the moon and the cycles of time it goes through...


 2021-03-28  10m

Security and effectiveness of a digital census

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March 21st is census day in England and Wales and an important milestone because the 2021 census is the first mostly-digital census ever conducted here.

A digital census has its obvious benefits, namely that statistics can be gleamed immediately on the available data...


 2021-03-18  10m

&SONS, Allpress, HomePod Mini

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I've had lots of deliveries this month including a RODE NT–USB microphone (I'm recording my podcast on it), beautiful coffee from Allpress, and a leather jacket that makes it look like I'm having a quarter-life-crisis courtesy of Allsaints...


 2021-02-27  7m