Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs get stuck in their head, challenged by their thoughts, the voice in their head and their beliefs. We help them get out of their own way. We chat with successful entrepreneurs who share their journey and the lessons learned along the way. The show is fun and encouraging while maintaining a level of professional excellence. We talk business but we also ask about a favorite date night or how they spend their free time. Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs is edu-taining, leaving the audience with actionable advice they can apply to their own work and life. Our host Robert Peterson is a thinking coach focused on mindset, beliefs and manifestation. Our co-host Noelle Peterson is the heartbeat behind our company, coaching in leadership and process development.

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Billy Keels How Money and Investing Works

Billy Keels and Robert talk about his journey which includes tons of travel and culture and working with elite fortune 50 company leaders. While he learned languages and cultures, he hadn’t learned about money even though he was making a bunch of it. He committed himself to learn about money and now he wants to talk about money to help others learn...



Michelle Mras The Power of a Story Re-Release

Michelle Mras shares about rewriting the story of her past - finding strength in her intelligence and taking full responsibility for her life. She genuinely cares for others and wants to help everyone she touches find the story inside them and help them release it to help the world.

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Joe Fier Unconventional Marketing ReRelease

Joe Fier shares the value of connecting and creating relationships that become affiliates, partners or create other revenue generating opportunities.

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Free Community: hustleandflowchart...



Brian Horvath Know Live and Love Your Purpose

Brian Horvath and Robert dive into money and the importance of talking about money, but keeping it simple so that you don’t give up learning about it and using it. Brian loves to help people figure out what they were made to do and help them start doing it. Brian is an encourager empowering entrepreneurs to next level success...



Angel Tuccy PR-Media Getting Exposure For Your Business

Angel Tuccy and Robert talk about her journey from radio host and tv producer to helping entrepreneurs increase their exposure in the media. Marketing is about what people are saying about you, so we need to get more people talking about you. Angel shares how important is is to protect your relationships and celebrate and laugh in your business...



Rocio Perez The Mindshift Game

Rocio and Robert & Noelle Peterson share a wonderful conversation about her work in helping people be unstoppable. She is the author of Unstoppable: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader 

She shares her own entrepreneurial journey as a single mom and latina seeking to elevate her community and empower others on their own journeys...



Barry Shore Ambassador of Joy

Barry and Robert have a joy filled conversation about loving others and the power of a SMILE. Barry is so full of energy and joy it is hard to believe that he was paralyzed and now swims a mile a day. He is full of excitement and wisdom and wants to serve others through JOY...



Travis Chappell Power of Podcast Re-Release

Travis Chappell

shares how building a podcast allowed him to build relationships which helped him build his business.

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Tyler Horsley Digital Relationships Marketing and Stories

Tyler Horsley and Robert connect on many levels. He shares about search engine space and the challenges of digital marketing. Tyler shares how his values are the foundation for his business and the impact he wants to make in the world, creating prosperity...



Evan Carmichael We Are Each Built To Serve

Evan Carmichael and Robert talk about discovering your purpose. It is important to really know yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. He helps people believe in their purpose and take action. He is an inspiration making an impact on the world by helping others...