ADHD reWired

The podcast for adults with ADHD. Hear stories, learn strategies, and get great productivity tips as we talk about the real-life struggles and what it takes to achieve success. Host, Eric Tivers, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, coach and entrepreneur (with ADHD) in private practice. Eric interviews a variety of guests. Many are people just like yourself, as well professionals, entrepreneurs, and ADHD experts.

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episode 315: Finding Happy with Lindsay Weisner

What is it about the word suicide that makes you want to whisper? Is it a feeling of shame, guilt, or isolation? Listen, as your host and his guest Dr. Lindsay Weisner discuss the stigma around the word suicide and how important it is for people to...



episode 314: Toiletpaperpocalypse With Jessica McCabe

Does humor help you get through insane moments in your life? Eric and Jessica wanted to do this special episode to give you the listeners some ideas on what you can do to stay sane during this uncertain time in the world, and humor is at the top of...



episode 313: ADHD Inks in Creative Work & Relationships

Has your ADHD meds made a difference in your life? Listen as and his guest, , discuss this and much more in this episode of . Jordan is a semi self-employed professional tattoo artist and single parent. He was diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago...



episode 312: February 2020 Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

Forgiveness and acceptance are critical when learning to manage your ADHD while remembering it is a rollercoaster, and the goal is to make the ups and downs a little less extreme. This is just one of the topics we cover in our monthly Q & A...



episode 311: Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Grit, Is It ADHD?

Do suspect you have , but you don't know for sure because you have to wait months for your diagnosis? That is precisely what Eric's guest Angela is waiting on. Listen as Eric and Angela discuss the challenges she is facing trying to cope with this...



episode 310: Decision Making and Uncertainty with Merage Ghane

Have you ever just wanted to sit in a closet for some quiet time to study and eliminate distractions? Listen in as Eric and his guest Merage Ghane discuss why she did this, and many other topics on this episode of . Merage is a Clinical Psychology...


 2020-02-25  1h19m

 2020-02-18  1h4m

episode 308: January 2020 Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

Have you ever heard anyone say, "lazy is learned helplessness brought about by a lack of skills"? This is just one of the topics we cover in our monthly Q & A session with guests Brendan Mahan and Will Curb. We are taking questions from you the...


 2020-02-11  1h19m

episode 307: Suicide and ADHD with Roberto Olivardia

Were you aware that suicidal tendencies are more common in people with untreated ADHD? Listen to guest, , as he explains his findings and gives his insight into the research that supports these statistics. Roberto is a clinical psychologist and...


 2020-02-04  1h0m

episode 306: Creativity Heals with Roxanne Jarrett

There is healing power in being creative as Eric's guest, Roxanne Jarrett, can testify. Roxanne is a singer and coach who performs in five languages and provides one on one intensive services to help creatives with ADHD finish their dream projects. As...


 2020-01-28  1h11m