Adventist History Podcast

This podcast tells the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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episode 15: The Color Line, part 6

In this episode, we check in with Louis Sheafe and meet James K. Humphrey, who will absolutely, positively, never leave the church like Sheafe did.  Patron:



episode 14: Will and Arthur's Excellent Adventure

In this episode, we catch up with Arthur G. Daniells in his post-presidential life and meet William Ambrose Spicer - the man who replaced him. Patron:


 2020-02-22  37m

episode 13: Marx, McCabe, and Maxwell

In this episode, we talk about George McCready Price's debate in London, his fundamentalist politics, and his legacy as a man who should not be forgotten - but has been.


 2020-01-22  34m

Special Interview Episode: Matthew Korpman

It's a Matthew + Matthew team up! The (podcasting) Matthew sits down with the (scholar) Matthew to talk about the latter's research into early Adventism and the apocrypha! (Note, this interview was recorded in the summer of 2019.)   Some articles...


 2020-01-16  39m

episode 12: Shipley, Scopes, and Science

In this episode, we talk about all the action George McCready Price missed: namely, the San Francisco debate between Adventists and an atheist and the famous Scopes Trial in Tennessee. We also get a healthy dose of William Jennings Bryan, because we...


 2019-12-22  34m

episode 11: Price: Of Ellen White and Bacon

In this episode, we trace a brief history of the rise of evolution and the Adventist reaction to it. We also introduce the fundamentalist Adventist who jumped into the cultural arena: George McCready Price. Sponsor: The Haystack! Patron:...


 2019-11-22  32m

episode 10: Movies, Bible, and Women

In this episode, we look at three ways the Fundamentalist movement changed American Adventism. You guessed it, it involves movies, the Bible, and women.  To support your favorite Adventist history podcast, head over to our Patreon!


 2019-10-22  40m

episode 9: Fundamentalism: An Adventist Like Story

In this episode, we talk about the relationship between Seventh-day Adventists and the larger cultural war between fundamentalists and modernists. Also, Matthew debuts his one-act play.


 2019-09-22  26m

episode 8: The Startling Omega

In this episode, we deal with radioactive meltdown of Judson Washburn and Claude Holmes following the 1919 Bible Conference.


 2019-08-23  40m

episode 7: The 1919 Bible Conference, part 4

In this episode, we finish up our quartet of episodes focusing on the 1919 Bible Conference by looking at the issue of the inspiration of Ellen White. We also look at how Fundamentalism was changing Adventism which, if you ask Daniells, wasn't good....


 2019-07-23  38m